Aol's FREE laptop-anyone actually received one?

  JAC13 13:45 03 Mar 2008

Hi all, back in January I signed up with Aol and carphone warehouse for their FREE laptop offer/ Ive been with aol for years and have kept threatening to leave them. Then I saw their free laptop offer, of course I knew it wasnt actually 'free' as somewhere/somehow I would be paying for it, as these things usually are. Anyways I took out their calls package aswell as my broadband as it all worked out cheaper than paying BT for my calls. 2 weeks later, I had my router, and my broadband package was changed to my new one. I had e-mails confirming my order and the £14.99 delivery fee for the laptop came out of my bank. 7 weeks later and I still do not have the laptop. Ive been on the phone to CPW and AOL and they both seem to pass the buck and blame each other. Last friday, I am told by CPW that AOL hadnt sent them the confirmation code to enable them to release the laptop and that it would be requested again from AOL. I ring again this morning and AOL tell me that the confirmation code was sent weeks ago and its CPW that are at fault! I am now apparently waiting for CPW to call me within 48 hrs to advise me of a delivery date!
Has anybody actually succesfully received their laptop from this offer or am I right in thinking this si some sort of a scam?

  pavvi 13:52 03 Mar 2008

Just an almighty balls up. Be careful with your wording as the Forum Editor for good reason takes a dim view of wording like that, as it leaves the door open for libel accusations.

My advice would be to call CPW again and ask to have some sort of explanation and some compensation (realistic, say a months worth of package free) as you have had to wait for the package and you have had to call them. Be reasonable and most people will be reasonable back.

  JAC13 14:18 03 Mar 2008

Thanks pavvi, I apologise for my wording there.
I definately will be seeking some kind of compensation after all this as its quite ridiculous at what is going on. Seems to me that the two parties dont communicate.

  ened 16:11 03 Mar 2008

I signed up for that offer, but was disgruntled because the Manager lied to me about the deal.

In fact he told so many untruths that I would not believe a word he said.

However I am now pleased with the deal and am getting a cheque from CPW because of the cockup.

As a sideline the dishonesty cost them dear in terms of lost business because, before I realised he had told me so much that just wasn't true, I thought it was such a good deal that I had sent two friends of mine down to see for themselves. When I had to tell them it was not all it seemed they decided they did n't want to do business with that sort of company and went elsewhere.

Anyway from my point of view the whole thing was comp[leted within a month; from signing up - ten days to connection - seventeen days to delivery of Laptop and a further week to going live with the talk package.

The only scam was the bull from the Manager and they are compensating me for that!

  realist 19:00 03 Mar 2008

Yes, my sister received hers after only a two week wait, and seems very pleased with her shiny new Dell laptop and wireless router.

  JAC13 10:52 04 Mar 2008

Hmmm, seems the man from carphone warehouse that told me the laptop was being despatched on the 27th lied to me too, he wasnt irish was he, ened?

  ened 11:16 04 Mar 2008

One of the untruths I was told was that I would be informed 'in writing' which day to expect the Laptop to be delivered. This was completely untrue and it was only by chance that we happened to be in when it arrived. Apparently CityLink are under instructions to only deliver it to the address, not leave with neighbours etc. So if you are not expecting it you may well not be in!!!

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