Aol silver £14.99 ,paying £17.99

  patsyanne 09:36 05 Sep 2006

Hi ,why am i paying £17.99 when Aol are advertising aol silver for £14.99 . Am i missing something here ? thanks

  jimv7 09:46 05 Sep 2006

It might be for 1st time signers/users. Why not contact aol.

  patsyanne 09:49 05 Sep 2006

Just done a search and found this click here think i will email Aol now.Last month they added on £5 to the bill for McAfee that i didnt download, didnt have it or want it!

  patsyanne 09:49 05 Sep 2006

Thanks jimv7 just going to do it now .

  patsyanne 09:59 05 Sep 2006

Looks like some people are getting aol silver with modem for £9.99 click here

  ASTRoberts 12:09 05 Sep 2006

Here is some info .....

click here


  patsyanne 12:52 05 Sep 2006

Thanks ASTRoberts, i sent a email and wait to see what they say which will probably be "its for new customers" if that happens i will see how much other broadband providers are, and cancel Aol and see if they offer me it cheaper. I not really bothered if i have Aol or not as i am so fed up with their start up screen with all the adverts on that i have to click "no thanks" to get rid off , Oh and at night when i switch the computer off Aol decide to download something and it takes ages !

  ASTRoberts 13:19 05 Sep 2006

Yes, the Aol adverts are becoming a real pain! Please do let us know the outcome of your email because there seems to be a bit of confusion over the cost of Aol Silver Broadband.

Good Luck,

  patsyanne 17:26 05 Sep 2006

ASTroberts look Dear Member,

Thanks for contacting AOL. It's our aim to help you get the best possible online experience, and you can get further assistance at any time from Live Help, and the dedicated Help Channel. In response to your earlier query I hope you find the following information useful.

In relation to this particular query i would like to inform you that AOL offers special price plan of ? 14.99 only for new members , as i have checked your records and it states that you have been on broadband silver for a long time so if you wish to have this special price plan i would request you to please go to the keyword Live Help, where one of our expert agents will help you to provide this special price plan. I would also like to inform you that if you wish to have this price plan it will be a new contract for 12 months. Alternatively you may please call our Member Services department on 0870 3 20 20 20 . The Call Center is open from 8am until midnight, seven days a week. Our apologies for any inconvenience caused.

If you require any further help, please feel free to visit our online support at AOL Keyword: Help. This offers full information on all aspects of your AOL account, with answers to the most frequently asked questions and links to other helpful resources.

that was just sending them a email ,so got a result

  patsyanne 17:26 05 Sep 2006

sorry that was supposed to come out as a "click here "

  patsyanne 18:05 05 Sep 2006

Update . I got broadband silver for £14.99 plus i asked for the free wireless router and managed to talk my way to getting that as well.I had to sign up for another 12month contract but i think better the devil you know !

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