AOL shoots themselves in the foot again!!

  tigerb 13:18 27 Apr 2007

Having been with Aol on gold band 2mb at a month £20 (On cable) for a couple of years, noticed that they have discontinued selling this, rang them to ask why we where still paying this while there silver at 2mb is only £14.99. (BT line needed0
20 minutes and 3 people later they would not reduce it.
Now a week later I have been connected to NTL 2mb broadband (all the engineer had to do was disconnect the AOL modem and connect the NTL modem), basic phone rental and basic cable TV all for £20 a month. (£25 installation)

  SB23 13:48 27 Apr 2007

I'm pleased that you got yourself sorted, but I'm surprised at Aol for not wanting to help.
When I contacted them online last year for a possible reduction in my monthly payment, I had their undivided attention. When I also asked about the new deal for new customers, the guy left me for a few seconds, and when he returned to me (online), he said that as I had been with them for 4 years he could also offer me that same deal.
It did mean another contract, but as I was happy with Aol anyway it made no difference. When the free router came 3 days later, I was even more happy.
I'll be honest, I did mention that unless they helped me, I would go elsewhere, but without any problems I got what I wanted, a reduction and free router.


  Snec 15:33 27 Apr 2007

My case is similar to SB23. Three weeks ago I rang to complain that the 2meg service I was getting was being advertised at £14.99 where I was paying £19.99.

I now have a 8meg connection plus free weekend and evening telephone calls for £9.99. Can't understand why tigerb spent 20 minutes and spoke to 3 people and didn't get the offer I had. Numerous others have, I believe it's SOP with AOL.

Incidentally it is not just AOL or indeed BB suppliers generally who make better offers to new users and ignore the current users. Banks and Mortgage Lenders do it all the time.

  tigerb 15:46 27 Apr 2007

Hi SB and Snec

Do you have a BT line or Cable? Mine is cable as no BT installed! Sorry to say first 2 people I spoke to were very difficult to understand but then again I am a scouser so guess they must of had the same problem lol.

  SB23 15:56 27 Apr 2007

I'm on a BT line, and despite all the offers I keep getting, thats the way its going to stay.

  HondaMan 16:04 27 Apr 2007

to reduce my costs without a new 12 month contract. Result - I am now with Force9. One month contract - brilliant

  Diemmess 17:02 27 Apr 2007

A "more in sorrow than anger" letter to 'Head Honcho' Consumer Services has worked well for me on 2 occasions.
Polite enquiry surely pays!

On a third occasion, I used an email address which the previous senior lady had used telling me her good news.
It worked again almost by return and without a previous letter.

This crowning achievement was to plead the case of a daughter, a senior nurse with little time or money to spare, her two boys at University and NVQ courses.

In exchange for a new 12 month contract, she was downgraded to silver (same 1Gb) because she was not receiving the 2Gb she was paying for.

Subscription down immediately from £24.99 to £9.99.

  Snec 17:08 27 Apr 2007

Yes I have a BT line.

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