AOL not keeping promises

  bebbo 10:37 15 Sep 2007

Rang AOL to cancel recently after many years with them.They are just too dear and too slow now.Nice lady said i can have up to 8mb for £9.99 pm.WOW i think.Oh and all calls for £5.99 pm too.Great deal i say i'll have it.18month contract but not bad at all. 3 months down the line and no "up to 8mb".Rang them to see way no speed increase and they DENY all knowledge of the 8mb offer.I have no written proof so am stuck with 18 month contract and no extra speed.Just a warning to everyone to "get it in writing " before agreeing to anything over the phone.


  Marko797 10:40 15 Sep 2007

Can't u cancel the contract, as they seem to have breached...despite u having nothing in writing? What does the contract actually say with regard to services being promised? Why not tell them that u will cancel any direct debit payments?

  tullie 10:47 15 Sep 2007

If you cancel your direct debit,you will be in breach of contract.

  Marko797 11:01 15 Sep 2007

it seems AOL are in breach of their verbal contract to provide the level of service to bebbo.
What was it (svcs) which bebbo allegedly signed up to? & if it wasn't in his interest to sign up, then why would he have signed up?
AOL must have therefore offered him a service that bebbo 'wanted' for the contract (verbal or written) to be formed.
A threat to cancel will spark an investigation at aol's end.

  Taff™ 12:14 15 Sep 2007

So your original payment by DD was changed on a certain date. Ask AOL to inform you by e-mail why this was and on what terms they think this was. Then refer back to them the time and date of the telephone conversation you had and point out that at that time there were better deals around for a similar service from their competitors. The only reason you stayed with AOL was their offer of a faster speed and ask them to either honour it or provide evidence of the conversation you had with their customer service to prove that you agreed an 18 month contract for just the telephone element. (They`re having a laugh)

  spuds 15:18 15 Sep 2007

This is slightly confusing, unless I have got things wrong. You rang up to cancel your long standing arrangements and agreement with AOL, and the lady convinced you or offered you a better arrangement, in which you agreed. AOL should have the conversation monitored for 'training purposes' as to what was stated, ask them to provide this evidence.

No one is going to cancel an agreement unless it is something better than they already have, unless of cause there are genuine reasons for buying something for less!.

Go back to AOL and make that point to them, also state that you regard that you may have a claim under consumer laws, especially after convincing you to open a new 18 month contract. Forming and perhaps agreeing a new contract should support your argument, regarding your telephone call. Upgrading from a previous contract with the same ISP is usually straight forward with no added service disadvantages, and AOL should realise this.

  bebbo 20:09 19 Sep 2007

Just had a nice letter from the aol complaints dept explaining why i was never going to get 8mb!!! have replied to her with a few options so watch this space!! thanks for all the advice, most of which i included in my complaint

  Marko797 09:29 20 Sep 2007

good luck & let us know the outcome, cheers.

  preston 23:12 21 Sep 2007

Bebbo, my mobile is one of my favourite devices, whenever i talk to various companies, i use that because of the recording facility on it. when i am finshed talking to them, i bluetooth it to my computer for backup.

  FatboySlim71 23:40 27 Sep 2007

I was one of the countless people who had been promised the speed increase in January then June then September. Needless to say I didn't get it and have since migrated to another ISP (Zen). I would never go to another ISP who did not do a 1 month contract, its not worth it.

  bebbo 14:52 28 Sep 2007

Just had a reply from AOL complaints dept again and altho they say they can't give me the promised up to 8mb for £9.99 they are prepared to "waver" the 18 month contract ( they also gave me 2 months "free" subs too) so i am happy with that. Just got to see what happens when i change to another ISP now.....will they honour the waver? watch this space!!!! Thanks for all the help and comments here.

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