AOL members feel conned over speed increase

  kandrews8098 12:40 08 Feb 2005

If your like me and already have the maximum your line supports, then you have to wait till AOL gets round to it (JULY in my case), to be reduced to a lower packages equal to your current speed. So for many members they will be paying up to £7 per month more for there Broadband service without being 100% sure they will actually get any increase in speed at the end, as only members who's line supports an increase will get one.

Members lines that can't be increased should be moved on to the lower cost package NOW not when AOL get round to it, as current members will end up paying up to £42 more then new members and members who's lines can be upgraded.

QUOTE:- "In a double whammy reductions in wholesale cost of IPStream services was also announced. A proposed rebate of around £1.10 per BT IPStream Home user per month, and £1.40 for each BT IPStream Office and S based connection is planned. As this is rebated directly to the ISP it is uncertain whether the saving will be passed on the end user." END QUOTE

AOL have obviously decided that its in there best interest to increase there profits long term, and to keep these reductions, as in the long term we will still be paying the same, easily covering the cost of upgrading everyone.

  @[email protected]!c 12:59 08 Feb 2005

i dont know if i have got this right or not,but if you are at a maximum of say a 1mb connection and you cant get 2mb on your line,then why dont you downgrade to the 1mb connection package,wich would be cheaper and upgrade to the 2mb when available..regards karl

  kandrews8098 13:45 08 Feb 2005

Its all to do with contracts, I'm in a contract till AUG'2005 for my current price plan, and by downgrading I'll be expected to accept a new 12 month contract, unless i leave AOL to downgrade me in there own good time.

  @[email protected]!c 14:16 08 Feb 2005

i see what you mean about the conracts..but if you are happy with aol,another 12 months contract wouldn't be a problem..i like yourself dont like getting stuck with aol for 12 months but as i say if your happy its ok..regards karl

  Cybermaxx 18:07 08 Feb 2005

Whoa! You're saying that 56k dial-up downloads faster than 1MB braodband? Have you actually plugged the modem in?!

  cadena 20:52 08 Feb 2005

Of course I have, otherwise I would not be able to connect anyway, as I said I have DSL and my son has dial-up and his is really faster than mine, and I am on Platinum, I know its hard to believe but its true and we are both on aol.9

  CurlyWhirly 01:41 09 Feb 2005

I agree as my telephone line will ONLY support 1mb, which I have now.
I know that I can't get a faster speed, so in the meantime I am paying an extra £5 a month, as my new monthly fee will be £24.99 as opposed to my current £29.99!

  Mango Grummit 04:20 09 Feb 2005

Being with AOL myself I can understand how people are likely to be thinking it's all a bit unfair. The point really is though that we are still receiving exactly what we signed up for. It is not as if we are suddenly receiving less for our money.

It does seem unfair I admit but it's not an unusual scenario these days. Treating new customers to a better deal than their existing ones is something Banks, Building Societies and Insurance Companies have been doing for years.

  CurlyWhirly 08:26 09 Feb 2005

Your comment above is, of course, exactly right.
It is not only AOL who are doing this, as it is as you say, a common practice with Banks, Building Societies and Insurance Companies, etc!

  kandrews8098 11:22 09 Feb 2005

Maybe i should have titled the thread "loyalty means nothing"

  cadena 15:21 09 Feb 2005

Well, if anyone wanted to upgrade to a faster speed paying extra money, then AOL should check first, thats what we pay them for! to see if the customer would benefit from upgrading to a faster speed, not just upgrade them and thinking oh goody goody more cash in the kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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