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  iqs 20:20 28 Apr 2009


Way back in 2001 I had a dial up account with AOL,until I moved to another broadband ISP. in 2002.

I have just been informed,that even after 7 years that account could be still active?.

I can still remember my email/screen name,but cannot remember the password.

I have used AOL's reset password,but it states it has sent the reset password link to the other email address I used when I created the account.

I never had another email account,AOL was my first ISP.

So is my very old account still active,if it is,whats the best way to reset the password please.


  mrwoowoo 23:17 28 Apr 2009

Informed by who?
There are scams being sent by email pretending to be from AOL which look genuine.
click here
I would leave it alone as you can set up numerous email accounts from googlemail,Yahoo etc.

  iqs 19:35 29 Apr 2009

Hi mrwoowoo,thanks for the reply.

It was a discussion I was having with mates in the pub a few nights ago(boring night as you can guess talking about email names).

We were reminiscing about our first email accounts,names and ISP

Like I said mine was AOL.

That is when I was told ,that your account even if you leave AOL is still available for you to use.
Hence the question


  Diemmess 11:00 01 May 2009

I left AOL after 12 years because they seemed incapable any more of matching promises with deeds, ever slower speeds.

I used the MAC procedure and just to make, sure I phoned and cancelled my a/c amid cries of "let us have another chance."

The change of ISP was smooth, the download speed improvement was dramatic and AOL have not debited anything since my last payment in early February.

I still receive email and use their browser if I wish, but of course any serious sites with a log-in and password are closed to me now.

I assume that if I had to reinstall AOL software then it would fail unless I signed a new contract. Not very likely!

  iqs 17:18 07 May 2009

thanks for the advice Diemmess

  ened 07:50 08 May 2009

In support of AOL (& I am probably going to regret writing this)I was really pleased with their service until I moved house.

It then became really slow and I, in fact, gave up and determined that I would look for another isp. However in recent weeks the speed has improved for the entire day and I have had minimal service disruptions.

I have had 6 months at £9:99 and this is due to increase to £14:99. This includes all telephone calls as well.

Regarding their promises: if you can find a way to talk to people in Ireland (as opposed to India)I have found they bend over backwards to help.

  Diemmess 16:07 08 May 2009

I'm pleased for you that things have improved with AOL. I was "at home" with them having used AOL from first hesitant steps of going online ..... until early last year.

The contract had log expired and was for a maximum of 2000Kpbs but all through the rest of last year I could never reach that. In fact during the busy period from after school up to late at night the very worst that happened was down to 25kbps.

Not often, but every few days down to a very low figure.

We both know the useless times to India with appalling accents and quoting from a manual.
A letter to Vice President Consumer affairs used to bring a reply by phone with a welcome Irish voice and some useful improvement.

Two things finally made me move.
1) I offered to upgrade my speed with approriate fee provided there was no new term contract,
Yes Sir three bags full!

2) The fee went up for the remainder of a month but the service didn't improve and my letter brought a written form letter in reply, which showed no grasp of my problem or intention to clear it.

During the cancellation and MAC procedure I was pressed by ever higher power Irishmen to let them try again, but I took the plunge. costs me more, but the transfer, installation and now connection speed all ran smoothly at last.

The physically maximum possible line speed for me is between 6 and 6.8Kbps. Every day I reach just over 6 in the morning and occasionally down to about 4.2Kbps in the evening.

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