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  WorzeLite 17:37 26 Dec 2006

Ive heard so many bad things about AOL, But it appeared they had been very good to me over the past 2/3 years we have been with them, even if they werent the cheapest of ISPs.

Up until around march time 06, AOL gold was 1mb. and was on their website as £24.99.

In march we recieved a notice saying AOL was upgrading our accounts to 2mb for the same price. within a few weeks, the price on their websites changed... AOL gold 2mb was £24.99, and AOL silver was now 1mb at a price of £14.99.

I didnt really notice any change, but carried on paying the £24.99 a month anyway as our service was ok, and we had "no problems" with it.

Only on friday, at the off-chance i decided to go through my router settings, it appears i'm still on 1mb.

I rang up AOL asking them why, and they appologised and said our service should have been upgraded and that our line speed should change within the next 10 days or so. Which is fine...

But on speaking to another customer service operator, it appears im not liable for any refund of any sort, even though, for 9 months i have been paying £10 extra for a service i haven't been getting.

Am i right in believing this is unfair?

  hzhzhzhz 17:49 26 Dec 2006

Odd, coz I was on AOL platinum 1mb until that package was upped to 2mb, which we cant get in my village. So I was downgraded to the gold package, at 5 pounds a month less, immediately.

  WorzeLite 18:14 26 Dec 2006

I've just spoken to someone else at AOL who then proceeded to tell me that i couldnt speak to a supervisor, or anyone higher than him because they would say the same thing :-/

are they for real?!

What shoddy customer service...

  spuds 18:57 26 Dec 2006

I just love it when call centre staff start telling me that I cannot speak to an higher authority, that is the time I start telling, in the form of a complaint to the director in charge. I would suggest that you send a letter, and see what is the response.

  Kate B 23:51 26 Dec 2006

You signed a contract for that service at that price - you're not entitled to a discount or money back. You could try arguing with them politely, but yelling about "rights" generally won't get you very far, I'm afraid. However, if you tell them you're moving and request your MAC code they might negotiate with you.

  Forum Editor 23:59 26 Dec 2006

for a service you haven't been getting. You've been paying the price that you agreed to pay when you entered into the original contract. The fact that AOL offered you something extra for free does not constitute a new contractual relationship.

Kate's right - your best way forward is to argue your point in a friendly, non-confrontational way, and if all else fails you could try asking for a MAC code.

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