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  wesami 18:58 02 Sep 2003

Dear Sirs,
i had some bad (for me at least) bad experience with AOL. I'm not sure if I'm wrong, but i am sure i paid for a service i didn't use, and AOL knows i haven't used their service, and they still took the money.

what happened is as follows:
i was looking for a broadband connection in my area in UK, and for some time, no company was sure they can get me such connection since the infrastructure is not yet ready in my region. AOL offered a dialup connection untill the problem is solved, and they said that it's for three months for free, then i start paying 16 pounds per month, and they took my debit card info. after like two week, i had a connection for broadband from BT. i called AOL (I swear i did) and asked to cancell all my subscriptions. a nice lady answered and told me that "it has been done for you sir!". I hang up after thanking her. after three months, i found out AOL taking money from my debit card. i called there and asked why? .. they said i didn't cancel my subscription, i said i was sure i did, they asked what is the cancellation number or reference! ... the lady didn't give me such number, and even if she did, i would have forgot where i wrote it in 3 months time. the idea is that the guy who answered my phone checked his system, and he found out that i haven't touched the password and login name, which means i truly didn't use their service even to try, i really never even opened the package they sent me, and he confessed this. but he still insist i haven't deleted my subscription.
what i think is that if i was lying, at least i would have used it once, and he said it is my fault because i didn't keep the number!, how can i know that there is such a number and if the lady first time didn't tell me? ... i never had a cancellation number for internet service before, so it didn't come to my mind to ask for one. and they insisted on taking the money, and gave me a cancellation number which i kept now (i'll keep it forever). they know i didn't use it, and it's apparently a mistake either from me or from the lady, but still i didn't use the service, why should i pay??? ... may be he has a cancellation and didn't confess? why i should take it and they don't take it? ... they gave no service, and got money, coool !!! tell me if i'm wrong. thanks.

  Djohn 00:51 03 Sep 2003

I have every sympathy with you, but the fact you did not use the service does not mean you don't have to pay. It is very important to take note of any cancellation number you are given, also ask for conformation via e-mail. This applies to any ISP, not just AOL.

To be fair to AOL, when you phone them and choose the correct option regarding Customer service and cancellation, you are prompted by an automatic response, "of the importance", to take note of the [Cancellation] number that will be given to you. Regards. j.

  The Sack 01:37 03 Sep 2003

Look at it this way, you could have been with an ISP and paid £1 a minute on a helpline for such crap service.

  simonp1 09:59 03 Sep 2003

i would write to them or email there customer services. If you have never cancelled an isp you would not know the process ( but now you do). The fact that you have never logged on would sudgest that you really did not require this service.

I would contact their higher managers and ask for the refund.

Good luck

  wesami 19:11 03 Sep 2003

thanks for all the responses, i think it was a lesson, and i will be careful next time. if it was a big amount of money (they only took 15 pounds), i would have gone to the higher managers and so on.
thank you for you all guys who replied.

  wesami 19:21 03 Sep 2003

i had an experience with PCworld.
i have a pc with windows2k, and i changed the security on its NTFS disk, i had only one partition, i moved to a new area, so i know nobody there. i wanted to install a system in-place, which means, i will override the programs and applications, but the data are safe, i backed up my system (my data) ... and started installing win2k, then the system deleted the old system, and refused to copy the new system to the hard disk. this is the problem in brief. anyway, i know the solution, what has happened is that the NTFS has too restrictive security, so no copy can be done to it. the solution is to attach it to a system as a slave, and change the security to the least restrictions then install win2k simply, it doesn't take 5 minutes to do so.

as i don't know anybody in the area, i decided to go to PC, and i wanted to pay the money they ask because i need the PC working soon. the surprise is that i told him the problem, and its solution, and i'm going to pay, and he refused to do it for me. why??? because all the systems he is working on are XP, and currently he has no Win2k. come on!!! what PC clinic are you talking about!! ... i lived in many countries in the world, what happens in such situation is that he creates new system just for you, and change it, and let you pay what he asks .... you don't tell a customer i can't do this ..... for such trivial thing .... do you want to earn money or you are just working to fill you time!!! ... i took my pc back, and travelled to another city where i know some friend, we did it in less that 10 minutes. i don't know ... he is free to refuse to do it .. but i'm really disappointed cz in PCworld .. i didn't find the name so applicable!!
tell me if i'm wrong please.

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