AOL can I get out of the contract without paying.

  generaljohn 13:03 22 Apr 2008

I change to AOL got sucked in with their free laptop offer now living to regret it had. Broadband over five years never had a problem with connections, As soon as they took over the line I'm getting. Shockingly low speeds and disconnected every few minutes my line support 5 MB used to get a constant 4mb.Without any problems I have got a two-year contract with AOL the only way out of it seems to be paying them off £20.a month for the remainder of the contract. Call centers are a total waste of time all they can advise you is check your spywear and reinstall the software I don't use AOL software (trying to explain to their so-called technicians that router connects to the Internet not the PC and even if the PC full of spyware and viruses the PC would run slow not the connection) I have a three different routers which I know work fine with other ISPs have changed mtu to 1400 has suggested my download speed is anything from 128 kB to a staggering 1400kb had just been given my Mac code but the company e-mail saying as soon as I will use it that they take the remainder of the contract from my bank account from my bank account is this legal I ask myself I would be much obliged if anyone out there can comment on this

  Kemistri 13:19 22 Apr 2008

Writing generally, if one party fails to meet the terms of a contract, that contract may be open to termination by the other party. So I suggest that you check the fine print.

  xania 14:15 22 Apr 2008

Bear in mind you will have to pay for that laptop somehow!!

  ened 18:51 22 Apr 2008

If you are not getting speeds you should reasonably expect then I would assume you have a right to cancel -as Kemistri said.

But as xania pointed out the Laptop complicates things somewhat.

I am on the same deal and am happy with AOL. In fact, so far, it is the best isp I have dealt with (in twelve years).

You could try persevering with Customer Services - I know,for example,that if you get no joy with the Indian connection you can ask to be put through to their Irish department.

I found them to be refreshingly honest and helpful.

  Miros 12:20 23 Apr 2008

You could try this:
click here
and if that doesn't work try their own AOL one click fixes, and if it tells you to reboot do so before proceeding with next quick fix.

I did this some weeks ago after a very frustrating period with AOL and I'm glad to say that one of the above or both of them seemed to do the trick and I'm getting speeds I should get. Trouble is I don't know which one did It

Their help line was less than useful they kept leading me down the path of cleaning up and speeding up my PC when I know the fault was at their end not mine.

  Miros 12:34 23 Apr 2008

If I can explain when I say the fault was at their end, I mean that after they upgraded my service to 'improve performance' everything went downhill from then on, so I think it was a incompatibility or configuration problem which somehow the above advise sorted out.

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