Nelly160763 15:18 14 Jul 2006

I've be with AOL Broadband just going on 2 yrs. When I made the decission to get Broadband I chose 1 of 4 options, & that was B/Band Gold.
Could someone please put my mind at rest & tell me AOL aren't having a laugh at all its exsisting members, because I've seen adverts in every paper,Magazine,& what knows else, AOL (dicuss)Broadband, Free wireless router(worth over 55 pound)Free connection, all the other great things we're given,Plus Wireless Broadband for 14.99 per month,EVERY month. Only open to new customers? All I ask is that one of you guy's out there that do more than a great job solving problems for such as myself, & others that haven't the same experience & knowledge as you, can tell me to stop moaning, because thars just how it is!!! Then I can move on, because if what they are doing is right, I should be in a Mental Institusion.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 15:23 14 Jul 2006

4 years ago I bought a new car and 5 months later the same car was £10k cheaper.

I'm afraid this is life and you have to take it on ther chin. Offers are made by all companies to tempt people to join/ many people have bought a new computer only to see that the same model with a higher spec, for sale 3 months later at much less.


  tigerb 15:31 14 Jul 2006

AOL Gold is up to 2mb (£24.99), the one they are advertizing is silver which is only up to 1mb

  DrHoliday 10:34 17 Jul 2006

Seems AOHell value their customers even more these days!

  SG Atlantis® 11:34 17 Jul 2006

"because thars [sic] just how it is!!! Then I can move on...."

You can do just that, move somewhere else where you can get benefit of a new customer promotion. Tell AOL why you're moving aswell... Maybe they'll see the light.

Incidentaly, I has Sky tv years ago and went to ntl. When I wanted Sky back in and they said no, free install and equipment is for new customers only not returning ones. They wanted close to £150 but I refused to pay, 2 months later I got a leaflet through the door offering me brand new equipment and install for free. Sometimes it pays to wait.

  rdave13 23:43 17 Jul 2006

Just like you I feel the same. Maybe BT broadband next. I am mulling over the idea.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 09:35 18 Jul 2006

In reply to your rather odd email to me (I assume the primary schools are on holiday) that was sent whilst under the influence, the car was the same car, same spec. and in a dealer's showroom. As your understanding of English is masterly you will realise that this has nothing to do with depreciation...the dealer had reduced the oprice..lights on yet? Same with computers, same model, same spec but cheaper after a month or two in the shops...lights on yet?


  SG Atlantis® 10:00 18 Jul 2006

"I assume the primary schools are on holiday"

...and that explains the email I got.

Nelly160763 If you don't like how AOL treats customers vote with your feet and move, simple as that. Many companies do promotions to get new customers in, prices fall on most goods like cars, computers, TV's and services too.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:54 18 Jul 2006

He keeps emailing friends I presume. :-((((


  FatboySlim71 11:36 18 Jul 2006

I agree with SG Atlantis® when he said,

"You can do just that, move somewhere else where you can get benefit of a new customer promotion. Tell AOL why you're moving aswell... Maybe they'll see the light.

I had AOL's gold package which I paid for annually, I upgraded to the platinum package which I was not at all impressed with as basically I saw no speed increase, so I recontacted AOL and told them this and I asked them if they had actually upgraded my broadband, as I thought that they had not due to the no speed increase, they told me that they had. I told them that I was not happy with the platinum package as I had no speed increase at all over the Gold package, I told them that I wanted to go back to the Gold package. They told me that this would not be possible, so I quoted them some of their terms and conditions which said "if a customer upgrades their broadband package they can cancel the new package and revert back to the one that they were on and they will incur NO charges providing this is done within the 7 day cooling off period". Suddenly they said yes I could do this but I would have to start paying monthly for my broadband, I told them that I was previous to the upgrade on the Gold Annual package, which was £270 per year and that I had another 8 months left to run, they said that the remaining credit I had, would have £24.99 a month taken out of it until it was all used up. I told them that I wanted to be put back on to the exact same package that I was previously on and if I couldnt I would be cancelling my subscription there and then and moving elsewhere, the adviser told me that I had £x amount of pounds left in credit and that I would lose this if I moved, I then told him that" I don't care about losing this, if it means I can move to another ISP who will not mess me about like this, I then said are you going to put me back on to the exact same package that I was on i.e Gold Annual package or if not you can cancel my subscription as of now, after a brief pause, he agreed that he would put me back on to the exact same package that I was on i.e Gold Annual package. It is suprising what you can sometimes get if you threaten to cancel your subscription, I agree all these offers that are just open to new customers, its wrong, they should be open to new and old customers, as its unfair to let customers who are new get something that a customer cannot get who has been with them for a number of years. Loyalty should count for something.

  kdt 17:01 19 Jul 2006

Fire of email to AOL payment re the free router offer and 14.99 and the same terms advertised that you want the same deal(if you are outside the initial 12 month contract) and then phone 08703 20 20 20 and tell the same thing to the rep on the phone which I did and today received the free router Speed Touch 576 and just checked billing which is showing 14.99 instead of 17.99 but will check and fight later for one month free I think was advertised as well.However I thought it was Netgear which was advertised but never mind I was already using that for silver since the past few months. I may be tempted to sell the brand new Speed Touch now.

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