AOL Broadband

  onokeck 21:50 23 Dec 2004

I do not wish to get into any prolonged discertaion over the virtues, or otherwise of AOL, but I really wonder what the big 'beef' is with some folks about AOL. I have been with them for several years now (on dial-up)with little or no problems. My local telephone exchange has just been upgrade for ADSL and I immediately signed on to AOL Broadband Gold. I must say the installation was an absolute 'doddle'. The CD was one of the best setup tutorials I have ever used. I was finished in less than ten minutes and have had no problems whatsoever. and the improved speed - WOW - what a treat it is not to wade through treacle. I know there are cheaper packages, but then some of us would prefer to drive a car than ride a bicycle. Horses for Courses. Give AOL a break - they do good work.

  CurlyWhirly 22:43 23 Dec 2004

I have been with AOL for nearly 3 years now with NO problems whatsoever!
I was originally on dial-up and have recently upgraded to AOL Platinum, and I am reluctant to change as the old saying springs to mind "If it ain't broke don't fix it" and it would be the same for other ISP's as well.

I chose AOL as when I first had a PC 3 years ago the whole package was very convenient for me as it came with additional tools like 'Computer check-up' for troubleshooting your connection.
Also their helpline is FREE unlike *some* ISP's where you either pay a local telephone call or 50p a minute!

I am *not* saying everyone should jump on the bandwagon but *until* I have major problems I am staying with AOL.

  picklsey 05:44 24 Dec 2004


glad to hear your now on bb.good isn,t it.i,m also with aol yourself you get fed up hearing all the negitive drivil spouted out from people who have probably never tried aol.i,ve been with them about 4 years now and i,m more than happy with the service,i,ve had problems in the past but after calling aol everything under the sun(in my mind)it usually turned out to be something i had done to cause it.if aol is set up right it runs just as well if not better than most isp,s.(imho)happy surfing.

  pj123 17:46 24 Dec 2004

Regardless of what anybody else says I am also happy with AOL.

  myphrill 18:28 24 Dec 2004

i admit, when i had AOL dial up they were good. Freeserve or Wannadoo as they're named now are crap. they give you 3 payment types. pay £10 or so and surf all u like. penny a minute or £5 a month and u get weekends unlimited and days at penny a minute. we opted for the weekend one, but they gave us the penny a minute. it also happened to my friend. aol were good though, no complaints to be honest.

  livewire 18:52 24 Dec 2004

Dont get me started on AOL...

They are fine for Dial up; but their Broadband is horrible.

I have had two / three years of hell with AOL Broadband and there horrible software. The AOL Application is extremely buggy, always disconecting and crashing. Unlike all other providers you must go through such a Process to get connected regardless if you use the 'Dialler' or not. Why cant I just click on Firefox and be on the net??

  myphrill 18:56 24 Dec 2004


if your in an area for aol broadband, you can get NTL broadband which is much better. 300k for £17 or 750k for £25 or 1.5Mb for £35 (per month) its quite reliable. the only problems i've had has been down to my own pc.

i have had aol dial up and upgraded to broadband and now i am doing trial for 2mb broadband(whoo its fast) for £35 a month..i have had little problems with aol..i would like to add that every isp has its probs and because aol is a large isp it has more of a percentage in complaints.i have seen on numbers of message boards for other isp's and all have the same gripes and complaints that aol have..well thats my quick rant..regards karl..oh and merry christmas one and all!!

  Mango Grummit 01:00 25 Dec 2004

You ask -- Why cant(sic) I just click on Firefox and be on the net??

If you can't then you have something wrong at your end. Probably the reason for your poor connection problems etc. All the browsers will go straight on the net without the need to fire up AOL first and it's been so for quite a while now.

casey... AOL is fine. I've used it since version 4 and never had any real problems at all with either dial-up or BB.

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