he he :-) 20:20 19 Feb 2003

What does every1 think of AOL?

  Djohn 20:36 19 Feb 2003

I'm very happy with it! :o)

  he he :-) 20:38 19 Feb 2003

so am I

  pepe 22:07 19 Feb 2003

It's good - does not cut you off + no probs logging on.

  simonp1 01:08 20 Feb 2003

dial up is very slow

  Kyomii 10:17 20 Feb 2003

My dial up with XP was excellent - but I did use a hardware modem. Also, if your dial-up is slow ith XP try updating your modem drivers.

I am now on AOL broadband and no probs there either.

  PhilMeIn 20:01 20 Feb 2003

Very Good :)

  LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME 15:08 11 May 2003


Instead of starting a new thread I thought I'd add to this one.

In the last couple of months I've been having a few problems.

Doesn't always connect first time.

Cuts me off almost every session at some time or other.

Sometimes crashes on me.

I called Aol and tried all the suggestions only to then be told that it must be my PC.

I have no other problems when using my PC only while online using AOL.

Hopefully AOL 8 may help????

Anyone else suffering these last couple of months?

  lelole 15:32 11 May 2003

I've had the same problems, and have now changed to broadband with blueyonder. I should also add that when removing AOL I had tonnes of problems, it seems to get itself involved in everything and is quite difficult to remove without problems (or at least that's what I found, and others have said this is known to be the case.

By the end I also found it quite annoying that you can't use your own email client, and can't move address books from things like outlook express.

At the end of the day though it's personal preference.


  he he :-)™ 16:24 11 May 2003

have you been to keyword: Best number ?...that'll sort it.

  Installer. 16:27 11 May 2003

I have used Aol for just over two yaers now excellent, mainly because of the lack of two hour cutofs I have in the past been online four nearly sixteen hours with out being disconnected.

LIVING_ON_BORROWED_TIME AOL 8 UK Version is now available, goto keyword Upgrade.

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