Anyone who uses Telewest Broadband

  Sorry, Am I Forgiven? 21:32 18 Mar 2005

it has been ages since they have upgraded their 256k speed for free to all 256k customers. All the other speeds have been upgraded free of charge. Someonr needt to make a complaint.

  Stuartli 10:23 19 Mar 2005

What is the point you are trying to make?

  Joe R 10:31 19 Mar 2005

Sorry, Am I Forgiven?

I've been with Blueyonder for more years than I can remember, and have never had any cause for concern, with their service, pricing or anything else regarding the company.

As Stuartli, above I can't see what your point is, unless you think that everyone should be upgraded, free of charge.

Not exactly the way to run a successful business, I would think.

  HXP 10:56 19 Mar 2005

I too have 256k telewest and am paying £17.99
Other users pay more and have seen their speeds rise for the same initial price.

It does not take a genius to work out that the person posting is asking why the base service has not been upgraded in line with the others.

Everyone would like more speed for the same price - I would have thought anyone could see that so posting what's your point seems point - less.

I guess if all us base service people ask the question it may get a rsponse - no doubt the 2 previous posters think that's unreasonable and will tell us to upgrade and pay the extra.

I think it's a reasonable question and worthy of a more contructive response.

Email Telewest and ask them if enough of us do it we get an explanation even if we don't get a speed increase.


  Joe R 11:08 19 Mar 2005


you are of course, correct.

I'm not long out of bed, and i,m a grumpy old git in the morning.

My apologies for my last posting here Sorry, Am I Forgiven?, as HXP so rightly states, it was not a balanced view, and should not have been posted.

Apologies and regards, Joe

  Sorry, Am I Forgiven? 11:40 19 Mar 2005

thanx for that bro

  Stuartli 12:24 19 Mar 2005

My remark wasn't pointless - if you read the query again you will see that 256kbps is mentioned twice in the same paragraph.

Is there any reason either why Sorry, Am I Forgiven? cannot make a complaint to Telewest him/herself if it is felt it is warranted?

  Sorry, Am I Forgiven? 16:27 19 Mar 2005


Well listen up matey I posted that thread because, I thought this was a forum that dealt with consumer concerns you joker

  Andybear 16:42 19 Mar 2005

This is a consumer forum but you said 'Someone needs to make a complaint'. As Stuartli says, why not simply complain yourself?

  [email protected] 17:07 19 Mar 2005

Telewest would rather people upgrade to 1 megabit and pay the extra so I guess the strategy behind it is to make upgrading by £7 / month more seem more and more attractive.

  zarobian 22:37 19 Mar 2005

Sorry,Am I forgiven

The competion is hotting up. Telewest will have to do something about it sooner or later. Sooner the better for consumers and for Telewest not to lose customers to BT line users.

They have recently offered me IMbps on trial bases for 90 days. Actually there maths is poor as it actually comes out to 60 days. Sent an email but reply is still awaited.

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