Anyone used "Dell Outlet"?

  BrianW 12:43 16 Dec 2006

I've been looking at their site here click here and they look to have some very good deals on "Reconditioned" desktops.

As far as I can see they have the standard Dell warranty and offer extended warranties as well, as for "New stock.

I'm looking for a new system next year so wondered if anyone has experiences with them to share, positive or negative?

  FatboySlim71 10:03 17 Dec 2006

The only thing I would say about Dell is that when I enquired at the time I was in the process of buying a new pc was this, I asked Dell if I would be able to install my own DVD drive when I received the pc and would the warranty still be intact, because all other makes of pc that I have had, they have had an open case warranty, which basically means that you can upgrade parts/components and as long as the parts/components have not caused a fault then the warranty still remains intact.

Dell told me 'If you done this the warranty would be void. however we can arrange one of our engineers to do the work and then the warranty would remain intact but this would be chargeable' After I got told this I decided to purchase a PC from Evesham as I found what Dell said to be a bit stupid and it sounded like it was just another way to get more money out of someone. Evesham have just won an award from the PC Pro magazine for best customer service and reliability, beating Dell and other big name suppliers. Reliability in customer service and PC reliability is what anyone wants when they purchase a PC, nobody wants the opposite of this.

Another thing I would mention about Dell is that a lot of their parts are exclusive to them, so this means that you cannot simply purchase parts for them from regular PC shops as they would not fit, which means that you have got to go back to Dell and pay Dell prices!

I highly recommend Evesham, I purchased a PC from them nearly 12 months ago and the quality is A1, its very stable. I decided to purchase from Evesham after several friends/colleges recommendations for Evesham, my friends etc told me this 'Evesham PCS are really really good quality and so is Eveshams customer service'. Also with Evesham, if you only need the base unit you can do this, you can configure your pc/order to what components you want/dont want i.e monitor etc and you can also change add other things like, more memory, larger capacity hard drive etc, I really cannot recommend Evesham more highly, also with Evesham you have an open case warranty which is sadly lacking with Dell. Eveshams site is below.

click here

  spuds 11:23 17 Dec 2006

I have used Dell on a number of occasions. They have various 'outlets' for their returns, surplus stocks and over-production items. Personally, by the time I have negotiated via special discounts, vouchers or promotional offers, the savings from an 'outlet' source are not always greater.

Regarding 'outlet' warranties, you will find the same rules and conditions apply as to non-outlet products, unless specified otherwise.

  BrianW 11:49 17 Dec 2006

thanks for both replies.

Spuds, how did you find the service and reliabilty of the stuff you got from Dell?

I'm a bit nervous about mail order purchases as, up til now, I've always built my own systems. Time and old age are limiting me a bit now, which is why I'm considering buying a "Ready made" system

  spuds 12:14 17 Dec 2006

The service and delivery arrangements have always been first class on any purchases that I have made.

Remember though, that products like 'Dell' printers are actually not Dell, but re-badged with slight modifications from printer manufacturers like Lexmark.

Subscribe to the Dell email newsletter, and you may obtain some special discounts.The same incentives at certain times can be obtained via telephone sales, depending on that months sales targets. A little negotiation and arm twisting may go in your favour at that particular moment. Another point, if you configure a system via the internet, some items like memory are not 'saver' effective, you can purchase cheaper elsewhere. Regarding what was suggested by the other poster, some 'Dell' fitted components can sometimes prove difficult to obtain due to Dell 'bulk buy' policy and product specifications.

Going on reliability, in the commercial market (NHS,Banks etc), Dell have a very strong foothold, so this must speak for itself.

If you are considering the Dell 'free interest' finance purchase pack, then read the terms and conditions!.

Perhaps this long winded reply is not what you wanted, but I thought best to offer 'further' advice :O)

  BrianW 13:13 17 Dec 2006

thanks Spuds, exactly the sort of thing I wanted, so not long winded at all! :)

  961 11:26 18 Dec 2006

Before buying my last computer I surveyed Dell Outlet for some time but came to the conclusion that there was very little difference, if any, in prices compared to buying from their main outlet

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