Anyone use SKY as an ISP?

  silverous 23:14 11 Jul 2008

I currently use Zen. They have been good but I'm paying 20odd pounds for what is ultimately about a 1 to 2 Mb connection (I live quite far from the exchange). Sky on the other hand have a free service I believe for Sky customers. Should I make the leap? Will I regret it?

  tullie 23:37 11 Jul 2008

I have used Sky for some time now,with no issues,i pay a fiver for their mid package.My download speeds are usually over 6 megs but depends on your line etc,as with any other ISP.

  Kevscar1 05:21 12 Jul 2008

Been with them for a few years never had a problem.

  martytoon 08:09 12 Jul 2008

I moved to Sky about 18 months ago. The move was easy with equipment arriving and line activated when they said it would. Since then service has been very good, occassional drop out requiring a router reboot but nothing major.

I've never had to call customer services, although I hear some people have reported problems in this area.

  jack 08:44 12 Jul 2008

SKY purchased 'Easynet' to facilitate their Internet service.
Easynet are a 'corporate' system servicing large institutions ,government and the like with a hither to very small 'retail arm - UKONLINE.

I am a user for the 5 years or so - never any real issues and a very prompt comeback on any self inflicted wounds.

  silverous 11:42 12 Jul 2008

I think I heard good things about Easynet from a colleague. Sounds like all the feedback here has been very positive.

If I can only get 2mb I may as well start off on the free "base" service I guess?

  josie mayhem 13:54 12 Jul 2008

I've used the SKY package, and foud it to be good value and didn't have any problems with the exceptions of the ones that was casued directly with BT and it's line service and nothing what so ever to do with SKY...

Best advice I had from sky when signing concerning line speed, if you're not sue what your line is really caple off.. take the slower speed and see how it runs, if you then feel that your line is able to take the higher speed phone back and up-grade your package.... As if you take the higher speed and your line isn't capable of this speed you'll stuck with paying for something you can't have for about 12 months before you can down-grade your service?

  dms_05 17:55 12 Jul 2008

Agreed. Sky is the best ISP I've had. Reliable equipment and reliable service. I started on the 'basic' service and later moved to the 'mid' service where I get over 6 Mb/sec and about 1 GB/day bandwidth. More than I need!

  the old man 10:21 13 Jul 2008

I used Sky for about 18 months and recently left to go to Talktalk. This was purely economic choice as my exchange was not easynet llu'd so was paying £17 a month. Compared to Talktalk charge of £16.95 for BB, Phones andd line rental this was a no-brainer. During the time with Sky there was no problem and speeds were about 4.5mb on average. Having same speeds with TT so no arguments. Would recommend Sky.

  silverous 16:18 13 Jul 2008

It is good that they are so highly recommended.
My only concern was the 12 month contract as I'm not currently tied to one, and if e.g. I find that sky are slower than my current ISP I'm then stuck.

I'm quite far from the exchange and SKY say I can get 512Mb/s but then I did a speed test and I'm getting 1mb/s with my current ISP.

  Teaboy 17:35 14 Jul 2008

My problem with using Sky is that the speed is limited to the telephone line capability, about 8MB maximum. whereas cable is literally unlimited,(subject only to the speed of light) In some countries 100Mb is common, using cable. And cable users in this country, who are able to pay, get a heady 20Mb Wow! That is up to 20Mb. It's all so difficult to decide, higher speed with cable, or ?

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