Anyone tried USB drives as mobile Devices?

  Danoh 00:24 29 Aug 2006

I've recently been travelling abroad for nearly 2 mths and have used internet cafes and free internet access provided by hotels.

With the nagging thought about leaving traces behind (logins, etc), I usually try to delete cookies and history files but this usually takes a long while which is not appreciated by others waiting or the internet cafe operators.

I have heard of and read about software which can be run on a USB pen drive which would enable you to do all your emails on the drive rather then the PC's cache. E.g. click here

Has anyone tried these before and could share their experiences? {Not sure if this is the right forum to post this)

  Belatucadrus 18:23 29 Aug 2006

click here for some freebies to check out. I've never tried them in an Internet café, so can't say how well they work in that environment. Not knowing how each café controls what accesses the net. But as all it would cost is the initial price of a USB drive it isn't going to bust the kittie.

  Danoh 18:56 29 Aug 2006

Thanks Belatucadrus!
Unfortunately I've missed my opportunity to test these aids out for real.

I'll hang on in case someone out there has some hands-on stories, good or bad.

  Danoh 22:25 30 Aug 2006

DOH!! There's even a news article about these things!! click here

Anyone used one of these things and can report please?

  Simsy 09:40 31 Aug 2006

an internet cafe, so maybe what I'm about to suggest deserves ignoring!...

Is it not the case that internet cafe computers do not have floppy drives, to prevent unwanted virus infections? If it is so, and this is standard practice, would it not also be sensible for an internet cafe owner to have USB sockets disabled, for the same reason?

Hence USB devices may not work anyway, in an internet cafe?

I'll get me coat!



  Danoh 14:29 03 Sep 2006

Thx Simsy ~ the PCs I've used have not had their USB ports removed/disabled and like most new PCs, don't come with floppy disk drives as standard.

  Danoh 12:37 13 Sep 2006

Well, no one who have used USB drives as Mobile Devices (with s/w programmes loaded) has posted.

I shalln't tick it as resolved just in case someone does post with personal experiences in the future.

  Stuartli 13:07 13 Sep 2006
  Stuartli 13:09 13 Sep 2006

I regularly use one of my digital camera's Secure Digital cards in conjunction with a memory card reader/writer to transfer programs, applications, files etc to other systems.

A USB pen drive would work the same, but without requiring the reader/writer.

  Danoh 13:38 13 Sep 2006

Thanks Stuartli !! :-)

I meant to have programs which are resident and can be activated to run within the USB memory space, by the Host computer's CPU and operating system.

Kinda like a portable computer, but only the temp operating space, run-time program code and storage of results.
=> piggy-back off the host computer's CPU and internet connection.

Sorry for not making that clear in the 1st instance!

  powerless 14:49 13 Sep 2006

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