Anyone tried a cordless hedge trimmer?

  robgf 20:16 17 Aug 2008

I was thinking of buying a cordless hedge trimmer and wondered if anyone else had used one and what they thought of it.

Possibly a Bosch cordless:
click here

Possibly the Flymo Sabre cut:
click here
Looks like it could be a bit awkward to use, but useful to have an extendible one!


  josie mayhem 20:58 17 Aug 2008

The biggest problem with cordless is that they not only tend to loose power very quickley... But this really effects it's cutting ability which (black and decker) isn't very good to start with...

My mother-in-law as a cordless, to cut two hedges that in total are about 15 ft! It doesn't cope very well with the thicker twigs in the hedge constantly jams on the twigs and as the power twindles this gets worse...

So it only used for light triming... Once/twice a year I borrow my dad eletric hedge trimmer to give the hedges a good going over...

  Jarigo 21:42 17 Aug 2008

Hi I bought the bosch one from Focus diy for £47-99 with two batteries and two year warranty and find it pretty good for my hedge that is approximately 20 ft long by 8ft high and 2ft wide and is Leylandi.I manage to cut this with one fully charged battery.By the way this was a special from Focus.Good luck.

  Border View 23:09 17 Aug 2008

Got the Boch from Argos £45. (Same one in Homebase was £69.95). Absolutely brilliant. My hedge is 30ft long 5 ft high about 2and a half ft wide. Does the whole hedge with battery to spare. Even the first time I used it when the hedge had not been cut for two months the battery was excellent.

  961 09:10 18 Aug 2008

We have the Flymo.

Works well with the adjustable angle blade being especially useful

Over the shoulder battery not exactly light. By the time the battery is ready to recharge you'll be ready for a sit down anyway

  version8 10:29 18 Aug 2008

My Dad has one of the Bosch Cordless Hedge Trimmers.
Packed with safety devices as it really is very good.
Once both batteries are charged you can go for hours!

Will find out the model for you later.

  spuds 11:38 18 Aug 2008

It looks like things have improved dramatically, since the first cordless appeared on the market. The one I used and tried (diy superstore brand) had very poor battery performance. The battery use to get hot, and didn't seem to be capable of doing the job of cutting a privet hedge. After a few charges, the performance seemed even worse, so it was back to the trailing lead version.

I have noticed this with early versions of (store branded) power drills and other diy cordless products.

  961 19:04 18 Aug 2008

They have

Our place is full of early rechargeable lamps/trimmers/drills/strimmers etc. They are awaiting space in the wheelie when I can find a week where the lid will go down

The Flymo hedge cutter runs as long as I can be bothered to carry it round the hedge. Plug it in to the charger and it's ready to go again before I am

And how many builders/joiners have you seen carrying a drill/screwdriver with a cord these days?

However, you buy the £12 cheapy now you still get what you pay for. They are still around

The Bosch at the thick end of £50 has a 2 year guarantee. The Flymo costs even more. But they both have a brand name to protect. They are both great to use. One for your normal hedge, the other for a tall giant where you need the long adjustable cutter

  robgf 19:54 18 Aug 2008

Thankyou for the suggestions everyone :)

I have splashed out and bought the Bosch trimmer, with two batteries, for £69.99.

I was a little disappointed with the supplied battery charger, which the instructions say requires 3 to 4 hours, to charge each battery and isn't as sophisticated as the charger provided with my Bosch strimmer, which indicates when the battery is full and is faster at about 1.5 hours per full charge.

I haven't used it yet, but will let you now how I get on tomorrow (barring monsoon weather).

Rob. :)

  Stuartli 00:11 20 Aug 2008

More recent cordless products have much higher voltage batteries which helps to raise their performance.

  robgf 00:28 20 Aug 2008

I'm pleased to report that the cordless Bosch trimmer did a very good job.
The blades cycle slower than with the corded model, but it cuts perfectly well, despite sounding a bit weedy.

I cut both sides of a 25ft line of conifers and then about 20ft of the top, before the first battery started to run out of charge (although if I had only had one battery I would probably have babied it on to the end).

The conifers hadn't been cut since the middle of last year, so had a fair amount of growth on them. They had previously been regularly trimmed, so the side growth was dense, but with fairly fine stalks, which the trimmer managed with no effort.
The top growth was thicker, with a few branches needing to be lopped, but the trimmer coped well with branches up to about 10mm.

The trimmer was surprisingly good and easier to use than my corded Bosch, being slightly lighter and not having to worry about the cable.

Rob. :)

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