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  finerty 21:11 10 Apr 2011

Hi everyone, we signed up to talk talk on the 23rd of March, got an email as confirmation. Got a letter a few days later. When we ring the free phone order number and enter our home phone number, we get the message the system does not recognise the telephone number. We have been calling them everyday.

Would be grateful to what we should do next, I'm getting this uncanny intuition feeling that something is going to go wrong or has gone wrong.

Many thanks for your help and advice.

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  rdave13 21:27 10 Apr 2011

Can you contact them via email of your concerns? Possibly area code not correct for the 'Phone number.

  muddypaws 21:58 10 Apr 2011

finerty Try this number: 01438 765494. One of the executives in TT Customer Relations. Can't re-call his name. I originally got the number from a thread on here, but can't remember the OP. When I had trouble joining TT and moving house earlier this year he solved it all. Well he passed me on to a customer care lady who couldn't do enough to ensure all went well. 10/10.

  lotvic 22:19 10 Apr 2011

You placed your order on March 23rd, Talktalk have emailed you and you've had a confirmation letter.

Why do you need to telephone them?

It may be that the system does not recognise your telephone number because it is not yet a talktalk telephone number if your account/order is still being processed.

Did they give you a date for when it 'goes live'? When I changed, after the letter Talktalk rang me on my mobile number re new landline live and active.

  Condom 23:17 10 Apr 2011

I think lotvic has hit the nail on the head. I assume you were phoning them on changeover day to see if you were changed over as it can happen at any time during the day. I don't think TalkTalks system recognises your number until such time as youare actually with them.

  finerty 23:21 10 Apr 2011

No Lotvic & Condom they haven't given me live date or have sent the going live pack. All I have is n order number to check against a free phone number to check the progress of the order. I haven't received the wireless router

  finerty 23:57 10 Apr 2011

Thanks muddypaws I give that telephone number a try tomorrow

  sunnystaines 08:35 11 Apr 2011

i always go into carphone wharehouse and get them to phone up

  961 09:11 11 Apr 2011

Does all this not give an indication of the standard of service to come?

  Housten 14:31 11 Apr 2011

Second attempt at posting this!! Presume PCA website still not running problem-free!!

961 is absolutely correct! I am still with my tiscali address but talktalk are running it. I have had one or two problems since the takeover with the last, last week. I have had several emails - can not really fault speed of replies - but whilst some were the answer to some problem, it wasn't mine! I have given up now because I can't be bothered to keep repeating the same information they keep 'asking' for - whereas I would almost call it 'demanding' or we won't answer your question - because all I wanted was to keep the appearance the same, instead of - as now changed to - the email message is on the extreme left and what was on the left is now on the right of the email, along with what was previously on the right!! Picky I have no doubt some would call it, but all I wanted was as it was, I didn' ask for, was not asked whether I wanted to change, talktalk just decided to do it! You have been warned!

  finerty 11:52 13 Apr 2011

Hi muddy paws came across this today, hope it brings back memories

link text

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