anyone recommend a desktop power supply

  theDarkness 01:17 15 Jun 2008

i have a laptop and desktop pc, and am wondering if it is possible to get a power supply for my desktop computer that is similar to the laptop, in the sense that it can be charged up and wont pack up in the event of an electricity blackout, with the pc staying on? I needed to buy a new supply when i first got my desktop as i did not realise after buying a seperate gfx and sound card to upgrade it that the supply it came with from time computers would not be able to cope! My own fault really. That was a long time ago, and did eventually buy an enermax supply that could do the job, but i am wondering whether i made the right choice and if there are supplies for desktop computers that can be charged? perhaps a stupid question, lol.. thanks for any info

  GaT7 02:23 15 Jun 2008

Unfortunately desktops use up so much power that only a generator will keep it going.

A relatively inexpensive UPS click here will keep it going for a few minutes.

Looks like you definitely made the right choice by purchasing a more powerful PSU. G

  jack 12:02 16 Jun 2008

Is what you need
click here
click here

are two a Google will reveal more.

  SLA 19:22 09 Nov 2008

It’s so difficult to choose an uninterruptible power supply UPS as there are hundreds of different models and manufacturers who make them, but also take into consideration how much it costs to replace the battery click here when they run out of juice, as these are the heart of all UPS Units and can be quite expensive.

  Kemistri 18:17 12 Nov 2008

I think that you should aim to spend around £100-130 for home and SOHO use. I bought a Belkin last year -- which worked just fine, gave about 20 minutes of running time, and was monitored without any additional software (though it was supplied, presumably for people without XP or Vista). However, its battery died prematurely, so I have spent a bit more on an APC this time. No complaints so far, though it hasn't yet been tested by a power cut.

  JOHNTTT 16:56 26 Sep 2009

If you're looking for a UPS to protect against power outages, line noise, or power flickers, look to <a href="click here" target="_blank">APC</a>, there not the cheapest but are very reliable and can be purchase from as little as £40

  wiz-king 21:47 26 Sep 2009

Things to note if you get a UPS -

Expect to replace the battery every 3 years.

If you want to watch TV or surf the net during power-cuts get a big one that will also run your router/modem & other things that are needed - usb hubs etc.

You wont be able use a laser printer but most inkjets will run off it (if it is big enough).

They are heavy! The higher the wattage the heavier they will be.

Most of them will only run a PC for about 20min. Total up your wattage and get one rated about 50% higher.

  theDarkness 13:54 27 Sep 2009

thanks for all the help, I will look into getting a UPS

  TinyJoe 21:27 10 Nov 2009

We've had problems in our office for a long time with power fluctuations that would knock out the power supplies on our PC's. The factory next door would turn something on and off everything went. We spent some time doing research and got a [url=click here]APC Smart UPS 1500[/url]. This is a bigger unit than the usual little APC's people use. The system, monitor, router and switch are all on there and we get about 40 minutes of run time. If you invest some time in looking around you can get a really good deal on them. I would recommend Craigslist and eBay for bargain hunters.

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