Anyone recommend a bookmark manager?

  erkmatrix 13:49 27 May 2011

I don't know if I'm expecting to much but can't believe in this world of technology and the web today that no one seems to of come up with a decent bookmark manager. Maybe there is one and I've just not found it yet but the ones I've seen are far from prefect.

I'm quite surprised as you thought it would be popular thing people would want and someone would of come up with a decentone. I know there are the share bookmark sites but that's not what I want, I want to just manage my own bookmarks, perfeably with image thumbnails or a decent description and tags. Google chrome bookmark manager seem to list bookmarks with just the html title bit of a webpage, useless if the site name isn't even listed which on some titles this is the case, so when you have quite a few in a directory the only way of finding out what the actual bookmark is for is by clicking on the site. Useless

I've also tried yahoo bookmarks which is better but buggy and lots of times I need to refresh the page as it constantly comes up blank for some reason.

Anyone know of a decent alternative for private bookmarks with folder capabilities.

  Pine Man 15:22 27 May 2011

I have never considered the need for a bookmark manager but I use Firefox and I usually rename the bookmark to something that means a bit more than just the name of the web page.

If even more than that is needed, and it hasn't been yet, you can right click on the bookmark, select properties and then in the description window you can type to your hearts content to give more detail about the bookmark.

  hastelloy 20:31 27 May 2011

Google Chrome has a bookmark manager built in - you can create folders as you wish, either within the bookmarks bar or elsewhere.

  PaulConstantin 00:38 28 May 2011

Try LinkCollector by VSC Software

  hastelloy 09:33 28 May 2011

I should have added that you can rename the bookmarks in Chrome as Pine Man does in Firefox.

  erkmatrix 10:34 28 May 2011

Hi and thanks for the replies,

Yeah I've decided enough is enough with Google Chrome, you can't for some crazy reason import Google Chrome Bookmarks straight into Google Bookmarks, have to first import the html file into either firefox, IE or Delicious and then through the downloaded google toolbar you can get them into google bookmarks but I tried to first IE, which I now hate IE9, couldn't find the google toolbar as it just dissapeared on me and can't even seem to locate history on my IE9 browser so I don't rate this one, then tried with firefox4 and it worked and I could then using the toolbar import my google chrome bookmarks into google bookmarks, yipee, oh then realised all the subfolders where do labels and you couldn't have folders, oh great, so not what I was after at all.

Luckily I went back to look at firefox, it had saved all my bookmarks from google chrome and had them all in their subfolders, even better they also showed the url when you hovered over them in the bookmark bar which google chrome bookmarks didn't so at least you can see the web address and not just the html title so you know which site it is. I'll stick to firefox4 from now on. The only reason I left is because I was being thick and thought they had moved the refresh and home button to different places with firefox4 and you couldn't move them back to the left hand side which I'm so used to, I managed to do it with right click top of browser and customize and drag and drop to the left, easy I know, so I like it again.

I will check out the LinkCollector though as it looks quite good and maybe just what I'm after, cheers for the help.

  HXP 00:10 29 May 2011

I just export the bookmarks to an hyml page and then with a little html work that you can do in word you can start your browser with your home page boolmarks - if you want more info let me know.

  erkmatrix 09:23 29 May 2011


Thanks for the reply. If you could kindly explain more, it sounds interesting. Do you have though your bookmarks in folders or just as a list in a word file.


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