Is anyone with PlusNet for broadband

  erkmatrix 11:25 05 Feb 2004

Just wondered for the £18.99 a month is that including VAT, I couldn't see on their site if it was.

Also have you had any problems?


  iashem 12:09 05 Feb 2004

i use a subsiduary of plusnet called i have had 1 problem in 7 months when they were down for about 4 hours, the £18.99p service does not allow file sharing however it gives you everything else

  allstar 12:32 05 Feb 2004


I have the £18.99 pm service and it does include VAT

  erkmatrix 14:29 05 Feb 2004

yeah thats great, yeah I have just been to the click here and its seems to have alot of positive feedback. I'm currently paying £20 a month for dial up with karoo at kingston communication which is alltime rip off and now we now have the option of BT adsl so I'll switch back to BT and get the plusnet adsl.


  Waldoc85 17:06 05 Feb 2004

I joined last November based on the positive feed-back reported here click here.

So far more than pleased with the extra speed.

  rickf 17:07 05 Feb 2004

yes, is the answer. Its a very good isp.

  SGT [email protected] 23:17 05 Feb 2004

i've been using plusnet for 13 months and like the man said its been down for 4 hours.

i'll never go back to dial up , too slow.

i'll stay with plusnet for as long as i think i'm getting a good service and so far the thought of changing hasn't even crossed my mind (not that it would have far to travel :) )

  Hoseman 00:14 06 Feb 2004

Im with Plusnet since Sept but not with the 18.99 service. So far so good so cant complain.

  BeForU 00:18 06 Feb 2004

Been with PlusNet since last June with the £21.99 service and have not have any problems yet myself. They are very good indeed. They always keep you updated with any news about your payment or anything that is happening with their services, although i guess most BB ISP do that anyways.

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