Anyone know anything about this company?

  alpinejim 16:51 11 Jan 2009

I am looking into buying Norton 360 and i have found it being offered by a company calling themselves Eonline.
I just wondered if anyone knows about them and whether they are a legit distributor.

Here is their address: click here

They are offering a one year licence for £40 and a 2 year for £50. It just seems a bit fishy considering Norton want £60 for a one year and no mention of a 2 year licence.

  Patr100 17:35 11 Jan 2009

No physical contact address, registered Office showing on site or phone number - Not a good sign....

  sunnystaines 18:19 11 Jan 2009

should have opted for the beta.

but you have this option its free for just over a year
click here

another option try novatech for oem disc's

  AL47 19:43 11 Jan 2009

my firefox review tool addon doesnt give a rating to that site either positive or negative, id avoid

  GaT7 20:02 11 Jan 2009

"It just seems a bit fishy considering Norton want £60 for a one year and no mention of a 2 year licence." - you're right.

"and whether they are a legit distributor." - contact Symantec about this.

To add to what Patr100A said: no address. phone number, etc.

The website/domain was created less than 3 months ago & is based in Singapore click here.

Payment is by PayPal only - no credit cards.

There's a slim chance it could be legit, but I personally wouldn't risk £40-50. G

  €dstowe 20:04 11 Jan 2009

There is a legal obligation for commercial enterprises in the UK/Europe to give official address and other details on their website. I cannot find this information for them. AVOID.

  MAT ALAN 20:11 11 Jan 2009

click here

stateside counterpart, its the same site on both sides of the pond, I smell a huge rat!!!

  Marko797 20:32 11 Jan 2009

why you might want Norton anyhow. Why not opt for a free version such as Avast, AVG 8, or any of the other AV progs which are recommended on here, plus a free anti-malware?

  tigertop2 21:02 11 Jan 2009

PC Advisor's CD this month has a free download of PC Tools software-worth £50. If I did not already have this excellent programme I would go for that. It only has one disadvantage--Symantec have recently bought them out and will probably undo all the good work in the developement side

  AL47 21:28 11 Jan 2009

i would go avg 8, [had no nasties from it at all!] and ZA fire wall [love ZA program control]

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