Anyone know anyhting about hoovers??

  JP Isleworth 17:33 17 Oct 2006

Hi we have a toddler and toddlers = mess. We are thinking about getting a vax/dyson/miele type cleaner - is there anything that doubles as a carpet cleaner as well or should we get seperate carpet cleaner and then a vacumn cleaner? any ideas or reccomendation would be a help.

  Arthur Scrimshaw 17:49 17 Oct 2006

buy two machines - one for each task. Multi purpose machines are almost always a compromise.


My view is that Dyson machines are overpriced and overrated, and judging by the numbers of re-furbished dysons at boot sales and markets, the reliability leaves something to be desired!

My outlaws bought a dyson washing machine two years ago for around £800, it's had very light use and has just died.

  SB23 18:07 17 Oct 2006

In a previous life I was a salesperson at two well known establishments.
Miele are probably better than anything, but, it depends on if you want bagless etc, and the amount you have to spend.
They are all very good.
Alot of people buy uprights for downstairs, cylinder for upstairs.
With 5 children, thats what I did, with a vax machine to wash.


  patsyanne 18:56 17 Oct 2006

Dont get a Dyson ,plastic rubbish and over priced. If you have carpets a upright vacuum cleaner is best ,Sebo is excellent.If you have wood floors i would go for the Miele.Have a look in boot sales as there are lots of Vax carpet washing vacuum cleaners for sale,i see one on saturday for £20,i nearly bought it but i already have one !

  terryf 19:05 17 Oct 2006

Definitely get a second separate carpet cleaner, you never know what you might have to clean up, especially with toddlers (and I once had to clean up after our unfortunate dog had done whoopsies because he was ill) Machines like the Vax are easy to clean out after such an event but imagine cleaning a multi-purpose machine that you use daily. Vax seem to last forever and will still be available when the toddlers are over 30 and you get the plaintive phone call 'Dad, can we borrow the Vax?'

  skeletal 21:25 17 Oct 2006

This could end up like other threads about “which is the best...?”

We had a Dyson vacuum cleaner which worked perfectly for several years (used every day); it finally burnt its motor out but given how hard it was used I’m not complaining. We now have our second and it is also wonderful.

They are far far better than any other vacuum cleaner we have owned

They are not that expensive, you can get basic models on various special offers for around £140.

I would only ever have an upright though.


  Stuartli 23:00 17 Oct 2006

The best vacuum cleaners on the market are (probably) by Miele, Sebo and Bosch - the Miele models are top notch both for performance and for reliability and the others are not far behind.

By the way, my best mates owns an independent audio/visual/appliances outlet and Dyson cleaners provide a substantial part of his workshop's repairs income.

People want them because of the advertising...:-)

  Stuartli 23:07 17 Oct 2006

Dual purpose machines i.e. carpet cleaner/vacuum cleaner are a waste of money.

A good alternative for cleaning carpets and virtually anything else in your home is a Polti Vaporetto steam cleaner - superb. I borrow the 2400 version from my best mate (mentioned earlier) regularly:

click here

  IClaudio 23:44 17 Oct 2006

suck :)

  skeletal 09:34 18 Oct 2006

Stuartli said: “People want them because of the advertising...:-)”

Not me, I want one because they really are powerful “suckers”, and they keep on sucking as well…just like it says on the tin.

When we bought our first one, I used our old Electrolux upright and carefully vacuumed downstairs. Immediately after I used the Dyson over the same area and got one and a half container loads of dirt!

Other cleaners, after being used for a year or two stink the house out during use (in spite of cleaning them out I still can’t figure where the smell comes from). The Dyson has the same effect but much reduced. Washing all the bits will cure it.

My parents tried, I think, a Sebo. If it was, it was very lightweight (one downside of many cleaners, including the Dyson, is that they are so heavy). Its problem was incredibly high noise levels; they sent it back and got a refund.

I would love to know what the repairs are for Stuartli.


  Stuartli 09:46 18 Oct 2006

None existant.

What's more the Sebo X4 Extra (complete with inbuilt automatic height adjustment depending on floor/carpet surface, is too heavy for SWMBO to lift far.

As for the Miele washing machine, it will almost certainly outlive me and, what's more, the chances of it ever going wrong are absolutely minimal.

Dysons may well have a strong suction (more because of the bagless design than anything else), but compared to other brands, especially the German models, have proved somewhat fragile and unreliable.

However, the more recent Dysons that are built in Malaysia seem to be gaining an improved reputation.

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