anyone help with norton live support link please

  sunny staines 14:04 14 Aug 2006

my wife just got a new sony laptop which has 3 months trial of norton nis, the program runs but liveupdate shows subsription expired only had the pc 2 days. the sony centre shop manager says i have to pay norton for any updates on a full subscription but i will not need updates as any virus that come through can be deleted by the firewall.

Now i know he is wrong about the latter advice but wanted to contact norton to check on the updates issues as a 3 month trial with no updates is pointless as the pc may become infected.

anyone assist please.

  vinnyT 14:34 14 Aug 2006

Alot of poeple had probs with their free trials of office, either not running at all or only having x number of days left to run. This was because the ref no (or whatever) was out of date, when they were issued with a new no the probs ended. Sounds like something similar in your case. Badger the store.

Or, in my view better, dump nis altogether and use a free alternative such as avast/avg=antivirus and zonealarm=firewall +spywareblaster spybot, etc. Look on this forum for free av as.

PS you're quite correct 'but i will not need updates as any virus that come through can be deleted by the firewall.' is rubbish, just trying to get rid of you.

Hope this helps.

  sunny staines 15:40 14 Aug 2006

thanks for your reply, the info above came from the store manager, I need to talk to norton or sony HQ UK but cannot find any contact numbers anywhere I am sure that he is wrong & worried that the expired subscription may indicate a demo model.

  Jimmy14 18:03 14 Aug 2006

I used Nortons live instant support the other day and found it to be very helpful. I think you should try it and explain your situation to an advisor. Here is the link for it,
click here

Post back if you get anywhere, James

  sunny staines 19:00 14 Aug 2006

thankyou for the reply.

norton told me to contact sony to supply another norton program. with the store manager showing little intrest in the problem and fobbing me off with bad advice i dont think i will get much help.
its a shame as my house is kitted out in thousands of pounds of items from the sony centre over the years.

  Jimmy14 19:30 14 Aug 2006

I think it's time for a letter to their head office or maybe even an email explaining your situation and how you had valued their service over the previous years. I would expect that they would give you a full version of norton for the trouble you are going through. Don't leave it, fight for what you're entitled to.

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