Anyone heard of DinoPC?

  iNeXoRoUs 21:57 24 May 2007

I was looking for a new PC when I saw DinoPC advertised and I'm kinda cautious about buying from an unknown vendor. I was wondering if anyone out there has had any experiences with them before (good or bad).


  Totally-braindead 22:30 24 May 2007

Nope, did a search for it and found this click here is this them?

Just because I haven't heard of them doesn't mean anything as its probably a small company.

Personally I prefer the companies I have heard of.

I do notice that if you look here click here it mentions Golden Electronics and that company click here seems to have mixed comments read for yourself. I can't help wondering the reason, assumming it is the same company, why they would have another business.
There might be a logical reason I don't know. Or perhaps its a different company all together.

This is who I use Novatech superb customer service click here

  JACC 17:05 25 Jul 2007

iNeXoRoUs did you buy your pc from dinopc?

  iNeXoRoUs 05:41 01 Aug 2007

No I did not, I ended up buying from Novatech as suggested by Totally-braindead and as he said their customer service was excellent.

  JACC 12:02 03 Aug 2007

Hi iNeXoRoUs, i'm now looking at Novatech aswell.How did you get on with ordering from them and what did you get. I was thinking of getting the Nforcer Elite 6000 and a Samsung SM226BW monitor.


  aprilmayjune 22:04 02 Sep 2007

its sad really. golden elctronics have ceased trading.....changed their name to dinopc so now us poor old golden elctronics customers have all lost our 3 yearwarranties.
Keep away. I dont know where the hell they got all their names from saying what a great service, they havent been trading long enough.
Theyare trading from the same address and havechanged name because theycant keep up with the barage of complaints about their rubbish product and worthless warranty.
Buy from anywhere but these jokers.
I am stuck with a 900 quid dead machine,
thanks daniel.

  spuds 22:39 02 Sep 2007

If you have a warranty which as a non-expired date, and you purchased the computer by credit card or computer finance package. Then take this up with the credit provider under section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act. The credit provider of finance is 'equally' responsible for any repair work.Section 75 doesn't apply to cash or debit card deals.

  aprilmayjune 23:21 03 Sep 2007

paid by debit card as Ihad no visa the time...
you know I have no paper work from golden electronics at all...the pc arrived with only a despatch note.
when i had to return it faulty [and pay 30 quid carriage]i sent it in an old cardboard box...and it was returned in the same.
i think i had to close my eyes and pretend it wasnt happening!

  drdrew 09:04 22 Jan 2008

I ordered a custom built pc with dino pc at the begining of january!

received it 7 days later, an so far all is well!

got a really top spec for a lot less than some firms charge. (nearest quote like for like was £180 dearer!)

Bought with a credit card to cover me for the warranty and give general piece of mind.

I wouldnt hesitate in recomending them.

very good service.

Every firm has its faults and unfortunately only those with a gripe tend to write a review!

  hedwerk 16:31 28 Jan 2008

Ordered a custom Pc from Dinpc on the 15th Jan
Spoke to Dinopc via the chat support Thursday 24th Jan and they told me the graphic card I wanted was out of stock and offered me an alternative with the promise of next day shipping (Friday 25th to arrive Monday 28th) for which I PAID the upgrade amount.
As of five minutes ago have had no confirmation email and order still says processed.
Sent DinoPc help desk ticket this morning asking whats happening and nothing has come back to me. Chat support has been offline all day.

Whilst I agree their prices are very competitive the level of customer service which on their site states "excellent" is far from. I am presuming that unless City Link deliver within the next hour it wont be arriving and as I've had no confirmation it wont be here tomorrow either. I am now left wondering if something else which I ordered is unavailable as well which would have been quiet easy to tell me on Thursday to save me the hassle of keep hassling them.
If only Dino would email customers with the non availability of items a lot of the problems people seem to be encountering would be resolved and they would have a better reputation.

In summary - and if the PC I ordered arrives and works; the prices and spec they can offer are good. As for their promised turnaround times/customer support - forget it.

Keep you posted as soon as I get the machine or get a reply.

  rickytuk 17:30 14 Nov 2008

Ok, I know this post is quite old but it helped me so I hope I can help others.
My friend ordered a new gaming PC from Dino & it was delivered in 10 working days. Everything works perfectly. 3 weeks ago today I ordered my own machine & I am still waiting for delivery. I phoned to chase this up and was told my motherboard was not in stock but they would call me A.S.A.P to let me know it had arrived or to offer alturnatives. They did indeed call me back to confirm the part had come into stock. I am now expecting delivery in the next couple of days. To sum up. They build quality machines & the prices are OK. I would advise you shop around for things like sound cards as you can find these on DABS a lot chepaer, & CPU's for that matter. If you have no idea how to build your own machine, this is the next best option.

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