anyone had a home built for them

  sunnystaines 16:11 06 Mar 2011

anyone done this either using a builder or one of the potterton kit type companies.

thinking of buying a plot and having a chalet or bungalow built.

but do not know where to start or whats involved and my DIY is doubled left handled.

rang this place but they only put a shell up and nothing else click here

  birdface 17:25 06 Mar 2011

I don't suppose plots of land will be very cheap nowadays and getting someone to build a house for you can be a bit hit and miss I suppose.
My friend needed an extension built on the side of his house and the price Quoted was very high.
After a few moans about the price being charged and a bit of bargaining the price was reduced by over 33% to something that he was willing to pay.
Once again word of mouth or recommendations is a must.
Now I have never ever tried it but shopping around for for the best price is not always the best but it gives you the idea as to how much it is going to cost.
Also make sure there is building permission or you can get it before you buy any land.
If you watch Cowboy builders on the T/V it would put you off.
And remember the Wellie Boots and Umbrella if going up near Dunoon.

  ams4127 18:55 06 Mar 2011

Believe it or not, my golfing partner today mentioned exactly the same thing. He has had a plot of land here on Anglesey for quite a few years and is trying to make up his mind whether to build on it, or just sell.

He has the same problem in not knowing how to go about building. I'm fairly sure I remember reading somewhere about a self-build society, or similar, which will offer advice and/or recomend builders.

Good luck with your endeavour.

  The Kestrel 20:21 06 Mar 2011

This link might give you some information that's useful. click here

  sunnystaines 21:28 06 Mar 2011

thank you all for the replies will look at huf haus mentioned in the link.

  Aitchbee 22:22 06 Mar 2011

is the program to watch for ideas and inspiration.
Some people buy a delapidated property on a good site and then knock it down and then do a rebuild.
I think you would have to spend a lot of dosh and know exactly what you are doing though. Good Luck.

  Forum Editor 22:39 06 Mar 2011

before you even think about paying any money for a building plot, make absolutely sure that you can get outline planning consent for a dwelling.

Many plots will be sold with the benefit of this consent, but some aren't.

Having a house built isn't as easy as some people suppose - you'll need to make a planning application, make a building control submission, ensure that you can get mains services to the site, engage suitable contractors, buy the materials, and supervise the work (or pay an architect to do it for you).

It can be a very rewarding process if you do your research properly, and get the right people to carry out the work. Get it wrong and it can be an absolute nightmare.

  carver 09:04 07 Mar 2011

As FE has stated the process can be rather frightening, the best way is to find an architect who has done this sort of work and visit the buildings he or she has worked on AND TALK TO THE OWNERS about the property and if there has been any problems.

A good architect is worth their weight in gold, they will know who to employ how long specific jobs will take and in which order to do things.

Do not employ anybody just because they seem a nice bloke and he or she seems to know what they are talking about, first rule of building work, "do not trust anybody",

Done properly you can have your dream home, get it wrong and it could be a never ending nightmare.

  oresome 10:40 07 Mar 2011

Murray Armor wrote the definitive books on self build, packed with all the advice you need from procuring the plot to buying the materials and hiring the labour.

I believe he died and the books have been kept updated by David Snell.

Well worth a read

  spuds 11:31 07 Mar 2011

Like others have stated, it can be a minefield, if you do not know what you are doing, or what is in front of you.

Planning permission can be a simple matter, or a right pain, and it pays to have the local planning officer,council or neighbours on your side. If there are problems, then consider that the council is not always correct,even if they appear to be, so again, seek help from recommended professionals.

But I would point out, that solicitors and other professional checks are not always 100% reliable or accurate, and it pays to bear this in mind on land purchase etc, the same applies about builders credentials.

I have two cousins, who in their younger life had two occupations. One in their respected trades and the other with self-builds, so increasing their power buying and knowledge, plus better accommodation as the went along. In their case, volunteer labour was a great achievement, and also a great fund saver, with other expertise thrown in.

Whatever you do, tread very lightly, and do not rush in, no matter how the bargain might seem.

If you do read books on the subject, them make sure that they are updated versions, because there is no point in reading an out of date book, especially were regulations and rules are concerned.

  sunnystaines 13:54 07 Mar 2011

thanks, just downloaded free tickets for ideal home show, starting there first.

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