Anyone else had this happen

  rosblot 15:08 14 Mar 2003

I recently aquired a P C World. Marbles card to access the promised 10% discount.

Since then I've been bombarded with phone calls and snail mail.

The last but two, snail mails, thanked me for agreeing to payment protection and said cost of same would be added to my card next month.

I immediately checked all my paperwork carefully.

NO. I hed not asked for or agreed to payment protection. Neither had I activated my card as, after so many letters and calls I had already decided not to use it and had in fact already cut it up.

My cards are always cleared by my bank every month so I would never agree to payment protection.

Sounds like a scam to me, how about you?

  davidg_richmond 15:22 14 Mar 2003

how did they do the application, online or face to face? was it part of a sale or just an application? they should have offered to exclude you from mailing lists, and should have mentioned the PP as it is not obligatory. this can also be cancelled in writing in most cases. unfortunately once you are on a mailing list you would need to contact those parties that have received your details to be removed. get in touch with the HFC who i thnk are the backers of the card.

you wont be charged PP without making a purchase as it is usually a percentage of the outstanding balance.

  rosblot 18:58 14 Mar 2003

Face to face, via application form. Panel for payment protection was left Blank as per underlaying sentance I quote (if you have left blank or not been accepted for payment protection you must make monthly repayments even in the event of ill-health or unemployment.)

I bring this to everyones notice because I firmly believe that this, is a deliberate scam to con people into having payment protection at no doubt outlandish prices.

My reason for believing this are based on all the needless letters and phone calls. None of which were necessary by any stretch of the imagination, all of which were related to my registering the card in order to use it.

This I could have done on the internet, had I so wished.

I think it would be most interesting to know if others have had a similar experience.

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