anyone changed to a bt line recently

  sunnystaines 18:00 14 Aug 2009

my phone line is with bulldog [pipex/tiscali/talktalk group] looking at changing ISP but both O2 and sky require bt phone line, many years ago when I last changed to a bt line I had total incompetence on the bt part and went ages with no phone line and lost count of numerous phone calls I had to make from a call box to get the saga sorted, which puts me off moving again.[now with no call boxes could cost a fortune on the PAYG mobile]

has anyone changed the line over did it take long and how long without a phone were you.

  citadel 19:38 14 Aug 2009

I thought bt had all the phone lines and other companys hired them and charged varied rental rates to customers.

  sunnystaines 20:29 14 Aug 2009

thats right but you have to change your contract over.

looking for good/bad feedback

  Stuartli 23:43 14 Aug 2009

If you go to the Bulldog website, you are redirected to Tiscali.

As you cannot have Tiscali and TalkTalk without a BT line, I assume you must be paying line rental to Bulldog (they will, in turn, pay BT your line rental I presume on the same basis as TalkTalk).

BT is always imploring me to move back to them (no chance in view of the remarkable TalkTalk package I've enjoyed for more than three years), so you should be able to join either Sky or 02 as you wish.

  Stuartli 23:44 14 Aug 2009
  sunnystaines 10:32 15 Aug 2009

thanks for the info, been into our local o2 shop several times but they are understaffed and always leave after a long wait without getting seen.
contacted o2 who told me it was down to me to sort out the bt line might try again after reading your link.
i also noted that the tiscali side of bulldog has not scrapped the 24/7 calls which i will be taking up with them as to why bulldog has..

  Stuartli 11:07 15 Aug 2009

Why not go to click here and, using Exchange Search, entered your exchange's name into the field.

You will then know all the ISPs available at your exchange, have LLU etc and which might be the most suitable for you (Sky owns EasyNet).

  sunnystaines 11:12 15 Aug 2009

thanks again

  Confab 12:22 15 Aug 2009

My ISP is O2 and I don’t have a “BT line”. I’m with First Telecom click here . BT still owns the line and First Telecom have to pay BT for the line rental but their calls work out much cheaper for me than BT's did. First Telecoms service is 100% compatible with broadband.

Changeover was really easy and I wasn't without a phone line at all.

  sunnystaines 12:39 15 Aug 2009

thanks i have emailed a few questions to them.

how do you pay and what package do you have with them.

o2 looks good but lack a phone service, [got a PAYG with o2 mobile]

  Confab 12:46 15 Aug 2009

I pay monthly by Direct Debit – They e-mail me to say that my bill is ready to view on line so I know how much I’m going to pay well in advance.

I used to pay £29.00 per month with BT but that wasn’t enough to cover the calls etc. With First telecom my monthly bill varies but it’s usually around £15 including line rental. Admittedly I did drop call waiting and call line ID but I haven’t missed them.

I’m on the Talkeasy call plan and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Customer service is excellent too.

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