Anyone bought a Mesh PC in the last 4 weeks?

  kevindickens001 17:28 02 Jun 2007

Has anyone bought a Mesh PC in the last 4 weeks? I wonder if they have really turned their service around after the BBC watchdog report. I am thinking of buying a new PC and their prices are lower than everyone else's.

  MrNerdy 17:51 02 Jun 2007

I have not but I am a mesh customer, my last 2 pc’s bought from them.
But you need to weigh up all the bad points & good points about mesh.
If you read here & on other forums you can read all the horror stories about mesh.
Has their customer service improved since they appeared on BBC Watchdog?
I tend to hope it has, but I’m not so sure if it has.
Would I buy from them again? Probably not after all the bad stories I have seen, but don’t let that put you off.

Try these links below to make up your mind either way.
click here & click here

  The Brigadier 17:58 02 Jun 2007

I suggest you follow the links above, read through the posts & then think what would you do if in the same postion?
Yes mesh sell a lot of pc's & yes there will be some that dont come up to standard, at the end of the day you have to balance everything out.
My own view on mesh is well known here, but i suggest you collate all the info & then using it decide on what to do.

Good luck & let us all know what you decide;)

  Totally-braindead 10:51 03 Jun 2007

I wouldn't hold your breath, they have had these problems for a considerable length of time and even with the best will in the world it would be really differcult if not impossible to sort everything out in only 4 weeks.
I'm afraid after seeing how some have been driven round the twist by their poor service, and I admit it is likely to be a minority that have the problems, I wouldn't buy anything from them.
I'm afraid if there was one customer in 20 or 100 who had major problems with my luck that would be me.
From my point of view I would rather pay a little more and get treated better if something did go wrong, that is assumming that Mesh are actually cheaper in all instances.
Of course its entirely up to you to make your own mind up, as I said earlier the majority of their customers get a perfect PC from day 1 its just a few that have a problem.

  Snec 18:08 03 Jun 2007

I think there are always two points to consider when making any purchase.

Anyone buying anything on price alone always risks having problems.

Any business selling on price always risks running into problems far sooner than a business selling on quality alone.

  FatboySlim71 20:33 03 Jun 2007

I was once a Mesh customer and this was enough. My last PC was purchased from Evesham. I can highly recommmend Evesham. I have owned one for 15 months and its never missed a beat, very stable. I have several friends who advised me to purchase from Evesham due to their A1 quality machines and their A1 quality customer service and I have never regretted it!

Evesham won an award from the PC Pro magazine a short time ago for "Service and Reliability" beating Dell, Mesh and other big names.

click here

  Ditchling 20:36 05 Jun 2007

Hi I bought a Mesh in February and feel totally ripped off. I paid an extra £190 for a Soundblaster X-Fi card but Mesh did not bother to tell me that these cards don't work in a Vista system. Now they have got my money they refuse to even answer my emails. I battled with them to persuade them to send me the installation disks which they had left out, and when I eventually got then I realised why they did not want to send them...because they were for an XP system, Soundblaster don't do a software suite for Vista and most of the functions don't work in Vista... so why are they still advertising X-Fi soundblaster as an option in a Vista system when they know it doesn't work properly?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:14 05 Jun 2007

'I paid an extra £190 for a Soundblaster X-Fi card but Mesh did not bother to tell me that these cards don't work in a Vista system.' the drivers are here and the Beta drivers were out last July.

click here

  Probabilitydrive 21:33 05 Jun 2007

'most of the functions don't work in Vista'
click here

  Ditchling 23:12 05 Jun 2007

I know that drivers are here, I have the latest and believe me most of the functions do not work. Take a look at the Creative Labs forum and you will see that everyone is saying the same thing. Yes some sound does come out of it but nothing more than a £30 soundcard, the advanced functions do not work and the front panel inputs (the reason I bought it) are inoperative. How Mesh have the nerve to still be selling this option beggars belief (and at an approx £90 mark up).

  Probabilitydrive 07:43 06 Jun 2007

Ditchling, my advice was based on what you wrote in your posting "....that these cards don't work in a Vista system...." they do clearly work.

"Soundblaster don't do a software suite for Vista..." My link leads to Creatives explanation what and what not works.

Have you tried click here;1673689;/browsefiles.html

I found there a solution for my X-FI driver issue I had in the past.

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