Anyone bought from

  erkmatrix 23:02 28 Oct 2009

I was thinking of getting a imac as I liked the look of the new 27" ones but though I'd have a look at what I can get for similar price but more of a macpro spec and found this site . Just wondered if anyone here had any experience with this company and if they happy. They look good prices for overclocked PCs to me but I don't really know much about overclocking, is there a risk of it blowing up.


  birdface 07:40 29 Oct 2009

I could find no reviews for it.
No Contact address only an 0845 telephone number or e-mail contact.

  erkmatrix 10:19 29 Oct 2009

Hi buteman

I did find they had a contact us page, you maybe missed it, with their address in Granborough at the bottom and email contact addresses. I also noticed doing some research that they built a dream pc along with other more well known companies like scan for Not sure if that means they are any good but it must mean they know what they are doing.

  I am Spartacus 12:49 29 Oct 2009

I've just specced a system that is very similar to one of mine. Bearing in mind I bought components retail and in the case of some of them at a lot higher price it comes out at £1630 without any special 'Cryo Cooling'. Mine cost £1400 for the same parts but you could knock at least £150 off that for the components that have reduced in price since then. They do use top quality components though (as do I).

I couldn't see that looked similar, or even close to an iMac.

  I am Spartacus 12:49 29 Oct 2009

Correction - 'I couldn't see any that looked similar, or even close to an iMac.'

  erkmatrix 13:06 29 Oct 2009

Hi Spartacus

Sorry just read my post again and it doesn't make a lot of sense. What I meant is I was considering buying a imac the other day and just out of interest I thought I'd check out what sort of new PC I could get for £1500-£2000. You are right there is no pc on Cryopc's site like an imac.

Do you build PCs for the public then?
They are not that bad prices on the cryopc site though are they? I have also seen have a good bundle for just under £700 ,

OVERCLOCKED* Intel Core i7 920 D0 Stepping (SLBEJ) 2.66Ghz @ 4.00GHz Max / Asus Rampage II Extreme Intel X58 Motherboard / Corsair XMS3 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C9 1600MHz DDR3 Bundle

Would something like this be in the ability of a non techy person to install or would it need an expert?

  I am Spartacus 13:43 29 Oct 2009

Cryo appear overpriced to me but I would expect excellent build and cable layouts at least. You also seem to be paying a lot for the overclocking. Whether £200-300 is worth that when you can do it yourself for free is debatable, at least it would be covered under warranty.

They are rare in offering Phase Change cooling as an option but expect the costs to be extremely high. The sub zero option they offer could lead to serious problems with condensation but I guess the warranty would cover than.

I've built PC's for friends, colleagues and family but wouldn't consider it for anyone else. I can build one in a couple of hours but the fine tuning of overclocks, fan speed/noise levels, cable tidying takes me days. I've only built relatively powerful, overclocked but quiet PCs. They're not cheap but I've done them at cost.

Although I built a PC in 1997 I only really started again a couple of years ago. It's only a question of plugging the parts into the right sockets.

I've just priced up a Core i7 920, Asus P6T Deluxe V2 (supposedly the best Socket 1366 motherboard and cheaper than the Rampage II) and Corsair Dominator 6GB (3x2GB) DDR3 PC3-12800C8 1600MHz Triple Channel Kit from Novatech at £637. I assume with the Overclockers bundle they have tested the components before despatch. Whether Overclockers have the competence to test anything is debatable as I no longer rate them.

  erkmatrix 14:07 29 Oct 2009

Thanks for the reply.

Yeah I wouldn't have the confidence of doing the overclocking myself as you state it sometimes takes days getting it right. I guess you are paying cryopc for their knowledge and not breaking the warranty is a plus and they say that they do easy upgrades for when your machine gets a little out of date, all sounds very good. Shame there is not many reviews of them about to see if buyers have been pleased with them.

Why do you no longer rate overclockers, if you don't mind saying? Just seen they have some nice PCs too there. Quite like their click here=

I'd maybe ask them to use Asus P6T Deluxe V2, add a Crucial CT128M225 128GB SSD to be in raid0 with a Samsung Spinpoint F3 1TB hard disk and use a 30Gb SSD sata 2.5 inch drive as my Photoshop scratchdisk (would that be advisable or not possible, don't know too much about raid0 setups)

I guess all companies are going to charge that extra and target people like me who are too scared to build a machine from scratch, I maybe could do it but with components costing so much, if I blew them somehow, I'd be gutted.

  I am Spartacus 14:28 29 Oct 2009

Finding a max stable overclock only takes me a couple of hours. Tidying up and quieting a build can take me days:o)

If you are paying a premium for them to overclock and I'm not sure that is the case then a couple of hundred quid is a not reasonable cost for a few minutes work.

Maybe I've misunderstood but you wouldn't RAID an SSD and a mechanical disk. I would consider an SSD for the OS, and a F3 for data and the scratch disk (plus external for backup). Maybe add another mechanical drive for the scratch disk. When SSDs come down in price and increase in capacity then perhaps consider using them more?

Overclockers - poor technical support. They sold me RMA'd goods as new (twice). Other minor but annoying problems with crediting my account. I also didn't like the way they advertised products that had not yet been released at supposedly good prices then upped the price, sometimes quite a lot when they got the stock.

  erkmatrix 14:47 29 Oct 2009

Cheers for the info on the raid0 setup, and the advise about waiting to ssd's have come down, yeah they do seem expensive but just heard people rave about how fast they are, does seem a lot though to just use as a scratch disk.

Does a raid0 setup have any performance benefits then, I read a lot about them but would the setup as you suggested above "I would consider an SSD for the OS, and a F3 for data and the scratch disk (plus external for backup). Maybe add another mechanical drive for the scratch disk." be just as good.

We do have a local computer shop that does upgrades, would you have any idea how much a computer store would charge to install a new motherboard, overclocked processor and new graphics card as well as a water cooling system. There would be no point if they charge too much really, just wondered if you have a clue of what a computer charges for such things. The worse things about it though is I got ripped off years ago when I got my Amiga repaired at a local store and they stole my motherboard out of it and said it couldn't be fixed and I only found out when I got a firm that would repair Amigas whatever the problem was for £60 from an advert I'd seen in a magazine and the guy said "well there's not motherboard for s starter, so that's why it doesn't work", I couldn't believe they'd simply just ripped me off and nicked it, anyway sorry for the long story but it put me off using a computer shop ever since, I don't know anyone whos used this new local computer shop to say if they are any good or not, but they have been going for a couple of years so that's a plus I guess.

  I am Spartacus 15:30 29 Oct 2009

The disk setup I suggested wouldn't be as good as a RAID setup but I bet you couldn't detect the difference in normal use.

Sorry, no idea how much a local shop would charge. I suppose some are good and some bad.

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