Anyone been conned on Ebay

  Ray5776 19:11 18 Sep 2007

I have used Ebay a lot in the past but have recently had some bad experiences.
1. Bought O/S on Ebay via paypal and was told by the seller that he had not been paid paypal had frozen his account (which they had)
I got my payment back from paypal but was then daft enough to send a cheque, having not received the item after about a week I contacted the seller only to receive an Email from "affirmacon" and of course no goods and no refund.

2. Ordered a car charger for my phone and was seht a blank CD disk. (not worth bothering with this one, bought one somewhere else)

3. This week bought and paid for new Pc from a seller that has been registered as a power seller and on Ebay for a year, next day when I log on "no longer a registered Ebay member, contacted them but only get lies.

Anyone had similar experiences.


  Marko797 19:22 18 Sep 2007

Buyer beware...& this applies very much so in the world of ebay. I never found it as secure as was suggested, even with paypal - the recommended way of paying for/receiving payment for items. I almost got stung selling a mobile phone & feel sure others have real tales of woe with ebay. I'm sure u'll get floooded with responses. On the contrary, there are bound to be favourable experiences too. Frozen accounts/fraudulent paypal invoices are all part of the colourful world of ebay, in my personal experience. I personally wouldn't go there again.

  Pine Man 19:28 18 Sep 2007

I only buy stuff at a price that I can afford to write off if it all goes belly up!

  Ray5776 20:15 18 Sep 2007

Marko797, thanks for your input, Caveat Emptor for sure but like everything else where does one draw the line, never buy anything?

Pine Man, OK I can afford to write it off but that is hardly the point. If I buy something I expect to get it otherwise how can there be any trading at all?


  Marko797 20:43 18 Sep 2007

Just saying that, from my experience, trying to buy stuff cheap has its risks & that maybe ebay isn't the safest option. If ur going to buy, then choose a reliable supplier. In *my opinion*, ebay doesn't fit the bill & that's where I personally draw the line. U asked the question after all.

  spuds 21:04 18 Sep 2007

I use eBay every day, and after a time you tend to get a feel for things. Being a Power Seller isn't necessarily a safeguard. One power seller that I had many deals with,and also had a number of problems with, went belly up just before Christmas, leaving many people with £100.00 plus dilemma's.

I have also dealt with people who have had their accounts frozen, in fact my account was suspended on one occasion due to a problem with PayPals system. It doesn't always mean the seller is not to be trusted, but like everything else, think and use your own common sense before going ahead with a deal.

In the last four years, I have had to raise one dispute procedure against a seller who tried to do a runner and not supply the item. Turned out to my advantage in the end.eBay have blocked other deals of a dubious nature.

Would also mention that I purchased a new PC about 2 years ago via a eBay power seller. Wasn't quite as advertised or what I had expected,and it is gathering dust under the desk at this moment, that dealer is 'no longer registered'.But my three year warranty to covered under section 75.

  erkmatrix 23:11 18 Sep 2007

I just always go off feedback and even contact people who have bought from the seller and ask how the product and their experience was with the seller if its the same and was for an expensive item.

Ebay is a great site and its annoying that fraudsters are using it to scam people, thats always going to be the trouble with a site of such huge success, it is great but attracts scammers.

Sorry to hear about your experiences though OP, hope you get your money back.

  g0slp 06:50 19 Sep 2007

Yes, once. A seller didn't send the goods. Needless to say, PayPal were as much use as a chocolate fireguard when I tried to get my money back. Fortunately it wasn't a very large sum (about £20), but it left a bitter taste in the mouth.

A shame, because I've been using eBay for several years, both as a buyer & seller.

  hssutton 09:23 19 Sep 2007

I often buy expensive photographic equipment via Ebay, never had a problem, but have only dealt with sellers who have a minimum of 98% positive feedback.

Yesterday I saw a Canon L lens, 7 in stock at Nottingham £792, Normal retail £1000. Emailed the seller Requesting personal pick-up with payment by cash.

Reply. Sorry we're not geared up for personal pick-up and cash. So I guess, no deal.


  spuds 14:05 19 Sep 2007

I have completed transactions on a number of times on a cash on collection basis, in fact I did such a deal yesterday afternoon. Sometimes though, it is best to make payments via PayPal, even if you collect, and especially so if higher bid prices are involved. By doing so, you have PayPal protection (?) and a further advantage of payment by credit card protection and section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act.


With reference to g0slp PayPal experience, there can be a disadvantage due to a possible £15.00 PayPal administration charge. Plus PayPal's methods of referring to their terms and conditions, plus seemingly lack of interest when things go wrong. Talking from a personal standpoint, I have argued with PayPal and won my case, to the fact that it turned to my advantage.

  g0slp 17:23 19 Sep 2007

Well done spuds.

I tried, but it was costing me so much time that I simply gave up. That, of course, is what they seem to want.

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