Anyone after a cheap Camera

  Beas-Knees 20:50 13 Sep 2005

Just spotted this, normally sells for about £180
click here

  Stuartli 22:11 13 Sep 2005

You haven't missed out the plus VAT and p and p by any chance, even though it is a good spec?

  Beas-Knees 22:17 13 Sep 2005

NO: Its £110.63 plus VAT £130.00 in total.OK there will be about a fiver postage to pay but a very good offer. Most retailers are selling it at over £200.

  steve263000 05:11 14 Sep 2005

I bought my camera from them, a Minolta Dimage Z1. They do not sell it now, but I had a great deal, the best part of £100 of the normal asking price. So they do have great deals from time to time.

  jack 08:49 14 Sep 2005

Notice the digital zoom- no optical zoom.
This is the old story of maximizing the one apsect that sells cameras - pixels - and missing the real things that matter.
Cheaper it is - but also Cheap it is.

If a cheap item is what your budget demands then go for last weeks top of the range at less money, rather than this weeks go faster/cheap price

Take a look at click here
discontinued models galore sold at silly prices.

  14U2 11:43 14 Sep 2005

Yes it has,Why don't you read the specs properly,It has 3.4 Optical zoom, This is not a
cheap camera but a fairly new model retailing at most places at over £200.

  Stuartli 13:43 14 Sep 2005

>>Cheaper it is - but also Cheap it is.>>

Apart from your error regarding the optical zoom, your comment that a Fuji digital camera is "cheap" is quite scandalous and, frankly, beggers belief.

Fuji was one of the very first major Japanese film camera manufacturers to recognise the potential future impact of digital cameras and took steps to maximise its role in that scenario.

Not only did it begin to produce digital cameras that were (and still are) very highly regarded, it also added the accessories right from the start to maximise the cameras' versatility.

  Stuartli 19:02 14 Sep 2005


  jack 19:51 14 Sep 2005

Stuartli- I had to chuckle the way you took me to task there for missing the O/Zoom
Fuji do indeed produce high quality kit- and in the conext of cheap perhaps 'cheaper priced'would have been more appropriate.
Having said that though I have purchased 3 fuji cameras- 2 of which each for my daughters- are superb.
The third is B -aweful point and shoot only 1.5 M/p
picture quality blue cast and blurred down one side
it should have gone back - but did not - it cost £29.99. Fuji you see like every other organization
sells[I wont say make in this case it is probably-a Chinese generic labelled Fuji [email protected]] products to cover the full spectrum of specifcation and price.

Like wise I have purchased 3 Olympus
No 1 super - A Camedia 2020sold that at to aquire an E10 spuperb my current camera and not likely to change for a while
No three a C220 Zoom [for herself to replace the @X10]- good does the job - but it is plain that Olympus did not make it.

  Stuartli 21:41 14 Sep 2005

You are talking about a very basic Fuji model (there were two in fact) of several years ago; resolution was in k rather than MBs.

It might also surprise you to know that the vast bulk of top and middle brand digital cameras manufactured over recent years (around two-thirds) have been made in Taiwan.

They are OEM models which are rebranded by top manufacturers under their own names. They include click here plus a host more at:

click here

On the same theme, the Minton Optical Co of Taiwan has had a number of its models rebadged by, amongst others, famous East German brand Jenoptik and Trust.

  Charlemagne 15:07 15 Sep 2005

I think there was a mistake at eBuyer confusing the Fuji F450 and F455. Beas-Kneas' link now leads to the F455 selling at £180

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