Anybody want a cheap graphics tablet

  Belatucadrus 22:22 09 May 2004

I got hacked off trying to draw with a mouse and at this price click here I'll let you know if it's any good when it arrives.

  spuds 23:07 09 May 2004

Aldi are/were selling a nice big size Medion graphics tablet, depending on local stock, for £20+.Looks very nice.

I tried the Hyper Pen 6000, which Serif were selling in July 2003 for £14.95 [supposed rrp £99.95], just couldn't get on with it,so uninstalled from my system.Hope you have better luck.

  anniecat 00:52 10 May 2004

I got the hyperpen spuds.. did you have trouble with the pen activating the cursor before it touched the tablet, half to three quarters of an inch roughly I hasten to add it was nothing to do with pressure settings, it would also set off the scroll/move thing and then drag the picture all over the place,leaving lines or whatever, very difficult to control. They sent me another pen but it was almost as bad .. mouse worked but limited control so unplugged it. I got it from the serif offer, it certainly wans't worth the proper price. Might check Aldi but it's only a small store here, not forced to have it

  Chronos 07:33 10 May 2004

perhaps we had better stick with Wacom.

  €dstowe 08:47 10 May 2004

We've tried all sorts of brands of graphics tablets but we always come back to Wacom.

Every one we have looked at has some shortcomings - even the Wacom ones but in this, as much as anything, you get what you pay for. In these products, cheap can mean very nasty.


  MidgetMan 08:59 10 May 2004

oldest been nagging me for ages for one, as it's her 15th this week got this one click here$Brands=Nisis&storeId=10001&C$cip=12438&Trail=C%24cip%3D12422%3EC%24cip%3D12437%3EC%24cip%3D12438%3EFC%24Brands%3DNisis&categoryId=12438&catalogId=1751&langId=-1

looks ok, but not used it yet,should be ok for what she wants it for.

  MidgetMan 09:00 10 May 2004

Blimey dont know what happened to the click here!!!!

Heres the specs on the website

click here

  spuds 14:33 10 May 2004

I had many problems,in the end I just gave up. To much hassle.

  anniecat 11:14 11 May 2004

spuds.. thanks for your reply

Edstowe.. (sorry don't have euro symbol on my keyboard)... Were you referring to the hyperpen when you said cheap can often mean very nasty, if you were, the price spuds and me paid was reduced from RRP of £99.99. Do you consider that cheap. In this case if I HAD paid the RRP I would have certainly asked for a refund.

I have never searched for a graphics tablet so don't know what the average price range is. I received the offer via email from serif.

  €dstowe 11:22 11 May 2004

The Hyperpen 6000 is priced at about £25. A recommended retail price is not anything connected with the real world. It's a notional thing put on prducts just to make you think it is more valuable than it is.

Compared with a Wacom tablet, I consider the Hyperpen to be grossly inferior in both build quality and capability.

BTW the € is given on most keyboards by Ctrl + Alt + 4


  Chronos 11:27 11 May 2004

surely the price you paid is what it is worth, all this reduced from £5000 down to £20 does not mean a lot, if other places are selling it for £99, and you got it for £20 then that could be a bargain, so who sells it for £100?

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