anybody recommend a mesh pc

  BAUER 07:01 23 Dec 2005

looking for recommendations to buy a mesh pc
thanks for putting me in the picture 007al

  Forum Editor 07:06 23 Dec 2005

and I'll move it there now.

  Forum Editor 07:15 23 Dec 2005

lots of conflicting responses to this question - it's a common request, and to be honest you may be none the wiser at the end of the process. Forum responses tend to come (in the main) from people who have had bad experiences, although there will be some satisfied customers as well.

Human nature being what it is we tend to complain when things go wrong, and we keep quite when everything's OK. The big computer manufacturers sell tens of thousands of machines, and the vast majority work perfectly well from the start. The thing to bear in mind is that all suppliers will have their problems with customer service issues, and the more machines they sell, the more likely you are to come across complaints in web forums.

I always make the same point:

A small company may sell 100 machines a week and be the subject of 10 complaints in web forums.

A large company may sell 5000 machines a week and be the subject of 50 complaints in web forums.

The big company gets five times the bad publicity, but in fact has a much lower ratio of complaints to machines sold. That's the thing to keep in mind when you're making judgments based on the responses you get to your question.

  Dave R 09:38 23 Dec 2005

I have now purchased three Computers in the last 5 years from Mesh. All three have been superb machines and value for money.
The first two have never given any problems and are still in use. The last one was purchased a year ago and after about 5 months had a problem with the power supply unit. This was reported to Mesh and they sent out an engineer within a week who replaced the component.

  johnllew 15:39 24 Dec 2005

I've had two Mesh PCs over the last 10 years and they were fine - both still going. My latest though, is a Dell Dimension and I'm converted. It is SO quiet with the new BTX case - the Mesh PCs are very noisy.

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