Anybody out there from Bournemouth?

  bruno 21:37 23 Jan 2003
  bruno 21:37 23 Jan 2003

My sister-in-law is going to buy her first computer soon and has asked me for advice.I suggested, as she knows nothing about them, to purchase from a small local dealer where the engineers are on the premises,as she is likely to need help at some time.This is what I did 5 years ago,and I never regretted it.
Does any one have any recommendations of a good dealer in that area.
I am going down there next week and she will expect me to have some answers.
Thanks in advance.

  BrianW 23:54 23 Jan 2003

Christchurch Computer Co, Fairmile Christchurch are worth a visit.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:21 24 Jan 2003

PC World.


  cheruk 00:24 24 Jan 2003

Contact Howard at Poole PC Breakers, he built mine, and has been running at Wimborne market fir years. Nice guy and his prices are excellent. His website is at click here

  leo49 01:18 24 Jan 2003

£75 for a Philips 4x4x32 CD RW OEM !!!!!

He's certainly an optimist...

  DieSse 01:56 24 Jan 2003

"Anybody out there from Bournemouth?"

Possibly - but there should be a fix out for it soon


(the old ones are the best ones)

  vinnyT 12:11 24 Jan 2003

Creative Computers at;

click here their web site is naff, but they are very helpful instore (I send clients to them)

Creative Computers Bournemouth:

258 Old Christchurch Rd
Tel 01202 775600
Fax 01202 775611


Creative Computers Charminster:

371 Charminster Road
Tel 01202 777131
Fax 01202 775559

  bruno 23:19 24 Jan 2003

Thank you all for your help.I'll give them a look next week.

  bruno 19:32 02 Feb 2003

Thanks for the post Vinny.Went there and got good result.

  Peanut001 19:44 02 Feb 2003

Definatly creative, i swear by them, cheap and helpfully, i been using em for years.
And for love of god ignore gandolf, someone shoot him!

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