Anybody migrated bb providers?

  Kate B 21:30 15 Jan 2005

I'm really hoping I haven't just signed up for masses of grief: I've signed up for Bulldog 4 meg bb (wooooo-hoo!) three and a half weeks before my current year with Pipex ends.

Bulldog also will be providing the phone line.

Have I left enough time for the migration? Do I need to tell BT or will Bulldog do all that stuff for me?

And am I going to have a nightmare of no phone, no bb?

*crosses fingers*

  spuds 23:05 15 Jan 2005

Three and a half weeks should be enough, and Bulldog should arrange the necessary changover, but keep a check on this.

The only problem that you may have, is your email address if arranged by Pipex.Plus as Bulldog and BT confirmed that your line is suitable for the new service.Nothing like having BT telling you that there is a line problem near to the changover date.

  Forum Editor 00:38 16 Jan 2005

I kknow just how you must be feeling. In theory it should all be OK, and I sincerely hope that will be the case.

Keep us posted would you?

  JIM 02:09 16 Jan 2005

That takes me back a few years,Pipex i mean Kate B.
I'am begining to wonder where all this new found teckie is taking us.I wonder also what Antonio Meucci and Alexander Graham Bell might have thought.

(Antonio Meucci)being recognised a bit late in the day as the inventor of the telephone? So's i found out:)

Whatever! "no crossed fingers required" Kate B it's a ball and chain to stop you now lass.- ;)

  david.h 10:15 16 Jan 2005

how much is the monthly b/b fee

  Kate B 13:08 16 Jan 2005

Fortunately my email is independent of my isp - I've got my own domain name *preens smugly* with an email there, so that's one less thing to worry about.

david.h, it's £30 a month for the first 12 months - but you need to check if you can get their four-meg service, it's pretty limited at the moment:
click here

I'll keep you all posted ... and I hope that won't be by steam-driven dial-up via my mobile and a bluetooth link ... which will be my only option if they mess up ...

  Confab 20:33 16 Jan 2005

I hope all goes well for you.

I migrated from One Tel BB to a new isp about a year ago. Halfway through the migration process I received a letter from my new isp saying that I would not be able to have broadband as I already had a "product" on my line that was not compatible with broadband. Do you know what that "product" was? Yes it was broadband!

In the end I had to cancel my existing BB connection and then re-apply to my new isp.

I hope things have improved since then.

  Kate B 19:04 17 Jan 2005

OK, here's the latest, and it's a big pat on the back for Bulldog: I emailed the customer services team yesterday and got a nice friendly and prompt reply from a real human being with a real phone number to call.

There was a real human being on the end of the phone, too, who was even prepared to give me her name. I told her what the timescale is for the migration, she was upfront enough to warn me that they had a bit of a backlog but that she'd see what she can do and said she'd follow my migration herself. It bodes well ... and so far three cheers for Bulldog ..

  Modo 20:09 17 Jan 2005

Got rid of BT over a year ago having been with them without real choice when BB was launched.

Fortunately we had two phone lines in the home office so I put the new - eclipse - service on a separate line. I'm please I did because BT didn't run at all well in the first few weeks of handover - a bit like last Friday's well publicised debacle.

Have to say I'm pleased with eclipse and everybody who uses bulldag give it a good commendation. I've just upograded to the flex service having ftp'd 2Gb very slowly today.

One of my partners uses BT and either he is unlucky or they haven't improved. The home service stops during the business day and the business service stops over weekends. 'Nuff' said - but I'm moving him as soon as I can.

  ajm 21:38 17 Jan 2005

I moved from Pipex to Bulldog's 2MB line at £29.99. The transition went smoothly and since then, have had only had 1 outage, due to BT doing some work on the exchange.

There have been many satisifed customers of bulldog. But all we hear about is the minority who have have problems.

Wish you all the best of luck and high speeds!!! Keep us updated.

  Kate B 00:44 18 Jan 2005

Modo, ajm, I'm cautiously optimistic *crosses fingers, touches wood, looks anxiously for lucky black cat ...*

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