any Scooter owners?

  sanchoPanza 15:17 26 Sep 2008

Any members own or have owned one?
Ive just started looking into getting one,125cc ideally a twist and go type.
Any personal tips or recommended makes.

  version8 15:27 26 Sep 2008

Had one 20 years ago & after a car driven by a little old lady pulled out & i went over her car i decided to own a car instead!

To many scooters on the roads with some riders having no idea on the highway code or how to ride one safely.

OK so thats my moan over with!

  spuds 15:53 26 Sep 2008

In my day it was Lambretta's, Vespa's and Capri's. All very reliable and the rage.

Nowadays it seems to be Paiggio, Gilera, Peugeot,Aprilia or something similar, like a cloned Chinese make. One of the neighbours lad's as managed to seize up the engines of two scooters, he's now on Kawasaki off-on roads :O(

  thms 16:24 26 Sep 2008

I have one of these click here

Though you wont be able to ride this one without a full license.
You will need to sit a CBT click here before you can ride ay bike or scooter.

They are great for commuting,as to make that's really a personal choice. You will need a crash helmet and proper protective clothing.

I would recommend going to a local bike shop and have a look around and ask some questions there.

The most important thing to remember is that scooters/motorcycles are not toys and can be dangerous as you are very vulnerable.

  sanchoPanza 16:43 26 Sep 2008

Thanks for replies,
I used to have a Honda CG 125 back in 1986 so will have to get used to two wheels again.
As i passed my car test in 1987 and have the letter A on my licence, do i still need the CBT?
I rang the dvla earlier today to enquire if my licence still covered up to 125 and they replied yes.but i failed to ask about CBT.
The CBT link states "If you obtained your car licence before 1 February 2001 you do not need to complete a CBT to ride a moped" So am i good to go?

  spuds 16:55 26 Sep 2008

The driving licence requirement and conditions are available from click here.

I think that you may find the law as changed regarding the 'now' motorcycle and CBT requirement.Best to check before you venture on the road with a scooter, otherwise you may find the police have the power to seize the vehicle.

  thms 17:04 26 Sep 2008

If you have not passed a motorcycle test you can ride a scooter/motorcycle up to 125cc with L plates, but you must sit a CBT.

With reference to your being able to ride a moped see click here
a moped is only 50cc and must not be capable of more than 30mph. These can be derestricted to do about 40mph, but you may find that doing so would invalidate your insurance.

Quite frankly these things are not worth it as they have no power to get you out of trouble.

If you are serious about getting a scooter I would strongly recommend getting a 125cc and sitting a CBT. This will give you a refresher in riding again and enable you to ride more safely.

  sanchoPanza 17:10 26 Sep 2008

Thanks thms,
for the sound advice.
Just need to find one now and book the CBT.

  sanchoPanza 17:16 26 Sep 2008

sorry spuds,thanks also.

  Kemistri 17:20 26 Sep 2008
  peter99co 17:24 26 Sep 2008

Stick to a nice 125 Motorbike If you can find a Honda CG buy it! Scooters are rubbish in bad weather. It's the small wheels. You will find Honda is still best choice.

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