Any problems with PC Specialist?

  lee_robinson1983 12:19 21 Sep 2006

Hi all.

I was wondering has anyone else had any difficulty with PC Specialist? I brought a PC back in March and, apart from the late delivery, was very happy with my purchase. However, recently I've encountered problems. My PSU fan was catching on the casing and making an awful noise so I requested a return and sent it back to get a new PSU fitted. A week or so later I received it back and after a couple of days decided to play a game, it crashed and wouldn't load up, somehow the drivers have been wiped from my system! I contacted them about this via email on the Saturday it occured, despite emailing them again in the meantime, I didn't receive a reply until Tuesday. They suggested a windows repair, as I didn't know how to do this I asked them as well as asking how this error on their part has occured as they only had to replace the PSU? I got the instructions for the windows repair but no explaination as to why this has occured. They have apologised and been helpful with telling me how to do the windows repair but I'm annoyed with the fact that this happened in the first place.

Has anyone else had a similar problem?

  JAK68 13:54 21 Sep 2006

I have just bought a PC from pc specialist, it took 2 months to arrive and when it finally got here it was missing parts that I asked for.... GRRRRR. I am now waiting for a reply to what they are going to do

  james1` 07:22 22 Sep 2006

Just got a superb machine from them.Better h/d than i thought(make).Upgraded sound (free).Runs like a dream.Extra software i wasnt expecting.Delivered in 14 working days

  lee_robinson1983 08:38 22 Sep 2006

james1 you were the fortunate or I was the unfortunate one. When I got my computer (1 week late) there wasn't even a cable or adaptor to hook up the monitor! As well as the other problems I've stated :(

  james1` 10:45 22 Sep 2006

Sorry to read about your problems Lee,must be the first time ive been lucky in my life

  HondaMan 12:03 22 Sep 2006

experience as well. Computer took 21 days from placing order, including weekends. Works very well, even more so after I removed conflicting software!

  jay9614 13:39 26 Sep 2006

pc specialist are crap!
when my pc arrived the dvd drives didnt work, they told me how to fix it over the phone(hadnt been put together properly). now ive just tried to burn a disk and thats not working.
wont start from standby
graphics problems
software problems

  lee_robinson1983 12:24 06 Oct 2006

An update...

I re-installed windows as it was too corrupted to do a repair, now for the drivers...

I rang PCS and they sent me the link for the graphics card driver and promised to send me the MB driver disc in the post (I should've have had both of the drivers with my computer but didn't get them). I downloaded the graphics driver from the link and then went on holiday, anticipating the MB disc to have arrived by the time I return, 9 days later, it didn't come. Slightly annoyed I rang PCS again and a guy on their end guided me through the Asus website advising me which driver to download. I did this for a hour or so then once finished tried to play a game, it crashed. I AGAIN rang PCS and the guy advised me to update windows as the error message was a Direct 3D error. After an hour or so all the updates were on so I tried again, again the game crashed.

The next day I rang AGAIN and they advised me to return it to them to have a look. I went on their website and requested an return, this was yesterday. Today I got a reply saying my return has been declined (even though they told me to return it?) due to it being a software problem and then advised me to do everything above that I've already done!!

I'm starting to get really angry with all of this and have sent them a harshly worded email as the PC was find before they got their hands on it bar a faulty PSU, I'm awaiting a response. Does anyone know if I can get trading standards involved as I have a PC that simply doesn't do what the product says it should.


  lee_robinson1983 16:09 06 Oct 2006

I got my reply...

They basically told me to do a windows re-install again and download all the latest drivers again, they won't accept responsibilty saying that there is no way that my PC was faulty when it left them because they perform checks, even though my PC worked fine before I sent it back.

Nothing I can do really except waste a lot of time re-installing windows and downloading drivers again. Does anyone have any advice?

  steve1ooo 16:58 06 Oct 2006

If i was you i would post this on their web site. All the testimonials are positive .It would be interesting to see if they allow negitve postings.

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