Any paper merchants about?

  wiz-king 14:03 21 Feb 2009

No, not a normal question about where to get the cheapest paper, a technical one.

Anyone know of a scource of Biblio paper 40 or 50gms? Or any other non-chlorine beached paper of that style without UV dyes (optical brightners.

  HondaMan 19:22 21 Feb 2009

Have you tried a google for "paper manufacturers"?

  MAJ 19:57 21 Feb 2009

Viking Direct are usually pretty good. click here

  Chas49 15:54 22 Feb 2009


Have you had a look at the 80gms paper in Morrisons - not at all bad for £1.74 (or was it £1.94? - one or the other) for a ream . Perfect for my Brother HL1230 Laser B & W.

  wiz-king 17:05 22 Feb 2009

Here's the rub.
I don't want it for printing on! It is cut into small squares and folded 4 times to make sachets for powdered medicine. Thats why I need a thin grade 40 or 50 grams per square metre, also it is impregnated with alcohol containing the medicine which is why I need a non-chlorine beached grade, also without the UV brighteners that are in normal paper to make it look whiter.I have found that the UV dyes dissolve in the alcohol and migrate to one corner of the paper and create a blue stain.
Biblio paper is a special thin but strong grade of paper that is used for printing books that have many pages and need to last a long time - Bibles - hence its name!

  Diemmess 17:18 22 Feb 2009

Do you have a "tame" printer you can ask?
He may not handle the stuff but will probably know who does, and could buy some for you.

(Faded schoolboy French... I think the French word fo a library is Biblioteque or close! That to me implies best paper for libary archives.)

  the hick 17:32 22 Feb 2009

Diaries and dictionaries are printed on thin paper - perhaps contact those printers?

  alB 18:04 22 Feb 2009

Have you considered unbleached food grade greaseproof paper? ...alB

  Terry Brown 20:18 22 Feb 2009

Would this be suitable.
click here


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