Any Opinions on Green Border

  Phphred 10:11 20 Jan 2007

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I would like to know if any of you have tried this protection programme. It seems ok on the "write up" but there is nothing like hearing from our members. It seems that there are different versions for different installed anti virus programmes!!!

  freaky 18:48 20 Jan 2007

Have not heard of it before, but you could take up their 30-day free trial and let us know what you think.

On my other PC I am trying out on 90-free trial Microsoft's Windows Live OneCare.

Find it very good so far, it incorporates a 2-way Firewall, Anti-Virus and Windows Defender which means you have everything protected on your PC in one program. It also cleans the PC of redundant files, and will backup your data.

See my thread in Consumerwatch last week headed "Anyone tried Windows Live OneCare" for more details.

  freaky 18:52 20 Jan 2007

Further to the above: -

Windows LiveOneCare ?
Posted by freaky on Wed, 10/01/07
13/01/[email protected]:58

  Phphred 19:30 20 Jan 2007

Since I had my computer more or less taken over by hackers or whatever, I stuck with Panda as my protection as I found that only Panda cleared my computer of all the nasties. The snags then began to appear and what finished Panda off for me was that it started asking for a password everytime I went onto the web. Not my password but their own PW. Prior to that I found that it took ages for my Pefect disk to complete.I also tried Green border with Panda, but Panda just refused to work and so I started to look elsewhere and I read your thread and I now have Windows Live One Care. I think it was on Tuesday that I decided to reinstall Trojan Hunter and Adaware SE and they both came up with a few "nasties". The trouble was, when did they get into my computer; before or after WLOC? I don't know!
I have now cleaned evrything out of my computer that should not be there, I hope, and installed Green border. I shall try and remember to scan my computer with Trojan Hunter and Adaware SE next week Just to see how much does get in to it. I must say that it works with WLOC without any clashing although there are a few things that you have to remember to do when you download stuff with Greenborder installed, but there is a fairly comprehensive forum for it, if you get into trouble!!

  freaky 20:36 20 Jan 2007

Thanks for the info. I have two PC's, one I use for work and general things such as visiting here. The other PC is much newer and I use it for games and the internet. These two are networked together.

My wife also has a PC in another room, and she shares my NTL Broadband connection via a wireless network.

All three PC's had the free version of AVG anti-virus and AVG Anti-Spyware plus the paid version of Kerio Firewall, Windows Defender, Spybot Search & Destroy, SpywareBlaster and Ad-Aware SE Personal.

None of these PC's encountered any problems, so the protection they had did a good job.

Problem was that I had 3 PC's I had to monitor to make sure the protection was up to date !

As a result I was looking for a single program for all the PC's that would cover all contingencies and also auto-update.

There were a lot available but rather expensive to install on each PC. With Windows Live OneCare you can install it on up to 3 PC's for about £39.

So I am evaluating WLOC on one PC with a view to installing it on all three.

The latest version of WLOC is V1.5 but is not available for download until the end of January, so I am running V1.1.1067.14 which is probably the same as yours.

For years I used Norton Internet Security and touch wood it did a good job, but hogged system resources. Whereas WLOC is quick and easy to use, so I hope to install on the other two PC's.

  Phphred 11:35 19 Feb 2007

Well I must admit that I am very pleased with “GreenBorder” although I have not had it constantly on my laptop since I first asked the question on this thread. I just could not get used to it to start with and did not read the “write up”. I have been doing various tests, but of course they are not brilliantly carried out as proper “Techie” would carry them out. Mind you, I still have all my other protection on my computer but before I go onto the web but I switch everything off with the exception of “GreenBorder”, “Avast AV” and “Kerio Firewall”. I have only just started to run the firewall when I am on the web because I noticed that my UD meter was showing a very regular pattern of sending and receiving from my computer at times when nothing should have been happening. The firewall has put a stop to that; I hope!

Just for the record “I have nothing to do with the GreenBorder Company except for the use of their products, which I pay for”. I would recommend this for anyone having trouble with “Spy ware” as that was the bane of my computer and “Tracking cookies” in particular, it has not only sorted that out, but everything else. What I would really like is a “PCA” test and writeup on this protection!

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