Any O2 Broadband customers? This may be for you...

  GaT7 14:31 07 Feb 2011

Recently came across this O2 broadband offer, which some of you older O2 BB members may find useful click here.

It basically gives you 6 months free O2 broadband for the first 6 months.

I reckon it's worth a shot if you've been with them 2 years or more, & the compulsory switch in package is not likely to effect you.

Today I changed from 'Premium' to the 'All Rounder' package, which won't make much difference to me as I'm not a heavy downloader or online gamer. Their BB fees will be increasing for me from £10 to £13 a month starting from 31st March (I get £5 off a month already as my PAYG mobile is with them too), so I'll be saving at least £10-13 a month for the next 6 months.

If the customer service rep asks where you found it, just say 'on the Internet' & give them the above O2 website address if they need specifics. G

  KremmenUK 15:26 07 Feb 2011

Thanks for the link. :-)

What's the catch ?

  GaT7 15:32 07 Feb 2011

The main catch is potentially lower traffic allowance, & one will need to take it for a minimum of 12 months (of course one can upgrade within this period & pay more).

What package are you on now, what do you use it for & how much do you pay? Whether you should consider changing or not may depend on these factors.

Btw, I think the 6-month free offer expires end of this month. G

  KremmenUK 06:43 08 Feb 2011

I'm currently paying £12.77 for 'up to 8Meg' and 'unlimited'.

I just can't help feeling there is a hidden agenda behind this as it sounds too good to be true.

  KremmenUK 06:51 08 Feb 2011

Think I've spotted it..........

In the small print it says that the displayed prices include the £5 discount for O2 mobile customers.

Therefore my price would rise from £12.77 to almost £18.

I'll stick :-)

  morddwyd 10:01 08 Feb 2011

The hidden agenda is O2's abysmal BB Customer Service.

I have had a mobile contract with them for years, since the days of Cellnet, and cannot fault them, and last year decided ro try their BB package.


Speed was abysmal, never got to within 3 megs of the projected 8, Customer Service non-existent (at one time they started charging me $10 a month extra on my BB contract because I hadn't topped up my wife's phone) and at the end of the contract I could only terminate by going through a set and precise procedure, which I was not able to do.

In the end I had to invoke the regulator to get my contract ended, and even then could only stop them taking money from my account by contacting my bank directly and withdrawing authority.

I know people swear by O2, but you speak as you find and I found them very much wanting on the BB side.

  KremmenUK 10:35 08 Feb 2011

I've actually found them quite good.

I think as long as your connected to a LLU exchange, like I am, then your fine.

I get about 6 of my 'up to 8' meg so I'm happy. In the fullness of time if I get 'fibre to the cabinet' then I might see a speed increase.

I don't have an O2 mobile so I've been on the circa £12 a month deal for quite a few years now.

  GaT7 10:54 08 Feb 2011

Well, I was paying £10 for 'up to 20Mb' & 'unlimited' or Premium (includes £5 discount for mobile).

From March 31st they were going to increase the price to £13 a month (includes £5 mobile discount).

But as I'll be getting 6 months free with the new package (All Rounder), it's a saving of £10 a month for 1-2 months plus £13 a month for the remaining 4-5 months.

So that's at least £20 + £52 saving. In other words, I'll be paying £78 for a whole year's broadband, which is £6.50 a month (includes £5 discount for mobile).

So they weren't increasing your BB price from March 31st?



Sorry to hear your bad experience, but I only have praise for them so far. This March/April will be 4 years completed with them on broadband, & I can safely say they've been the best ISP (broadband or otherwise) I've ever been with. And their prices have been great too.

I guess no company's perfect, & none can be. G

  ordep 15:32 08 Feb 2011

I cant complain, I've just received my BB Bill, £7.66/month.
I have to top up my mobil by at least £10/3 months.

  GaT7 15:51 08 Feb 2011

How long have you been with O2, what's your package called (& your typical usage), & will they be increasing the price you pay in March/April this year? G

  Pine Man 15:53 08 Feb 2011

The best ISP I have ever had. Without appearing racist, their free support, connecting you to people in this country who are easy to understand,is absolutely excellent;-)

I have had an o2 mobile phone and BB for several years and now I also have their home phone as well.

Customer service couldn't have been more helpful with the change away from BT whose customer service and support over the years have been absolutely abysmal. Even more so recently when trying to get help from their call centre overseas after they decided to cancel my direct debit and then blame me for it!

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