Any ISPs offer True Unlimited Downloads?

  B33J 16:53 23 Feb 2008

My current ISP is Virgin Media and although they claim to allow unlimited downloads on their non-cable service under their broadband and TV package (£18.99 / month), I have just received a bill for over £50. I have just discovered that Virgin has an 'Acceptable Use Policy' for non-cabled areas which has a download limit, although they don't actually say what that is.

I feel that it is very unfair that:

1) They claim an unlimited service even though it is not.
2) There is no mention anywhere on their website to tell me what the limit is.
3) There is a seperate rule for non-cabled areas and those of us who live in non-cabled areas just have to live with this policy.

Enough of the rant. What I really want to know is, are there any ISPs out there that offer a true unlimited download service and won't charge me for downloading a lot of stuff, which is what I have got broadband for?

  merciarich 17:01 23 Feb 2008

I recommending contacting Virgin and querying the bill.

They will tell you straight away what the limit is, if there is one. As far as I was aware, they have the Acceptable Use policy, which usually comes into force when you are using far too much resources that it could degrade the service received by others in the near-by area. If you are using a substancial amount of the resources, they are entitled to restrict or even in some cases cut off your service until your usage subsides - that is my general understanding of the Acceptable Use policies.

Being on Virgin Cable myself, I am subject to the Peak Time speed policy, but as for the Virgin service as a whole, I have understood it to be cap-free

Anyways, like I said, contact Virgin and ask them. They are the best ones to tell you.

  Confab 17:03 23 Feb 2008

I think from memory that Virgins limit is about 40-50GB per month but You'll need to check to be sure.

I believe that you should have receive a warning telling you that your download were excessive and prior to any bill being issued.

As for “Fair Usage” I do see your point that it really should be made perfectly clear and to my mind it is not. An isp like Madasafish click here have defined caps. Maybe you should try them.

  merciarich 17:07 23 Feb 2008

click here for reviews before thinking about switching providers

  interzone55 17:26 23 Feb 2008

From Virgin Non-Cable broadband pages click here=

‡ Acceptable use policy

Virgin Broadband offers unlimited downloads, which is great if you like to download music and movies or just don't want to worry about monthly allowances or caps. However, you need to know that we operate an Acceptable Use Policy which also enables us to manage our heaviest users' traffic during peak times. This enables us to continue to offer top quality services at great value to our customers. Click here for more information.
What is the Acceptable Use Policy?

We operate an Acceptable Use Policy which forms [a legally binding] part of our service Terms and Conditions. Our Acceptable Use Policy specifies actions prohibited by Virgin Media users of Internet Services. It is designed to protect you and us from misuse of the services which could lead to service impairment. We strongly recommend you review the Acceptable Use Policy and ensure you are familiar with its contents.
Unlimited Broadband customer please click here
Unlimited Broadband & Talk customers please click here
We also operate a Traffic Management policy as part of our Acceptable Use Policy. For full details of our Traffic Management Policy please click here

This policy only mentions traffic management, nothing about excess bandwidth charges. I'd contest the charge if I were you...

  PC User 20:03 23 Feb 2008

they should have emailed you the first time you went above the limit and if you consistent went above that and they warned you, then i am afraid you will have to pay up.

I don't think any ISP operate a true no download limit

PS Ihave been been with Virgin since 2003

  Ikelos 11:12 24 Feb 2008

must be a lot of downloading going on if you have gone over 50GB, :-) you can a lot of films and music in that amount

  MaxUpload 17:47 24 Feb 2008

I have BT Option 3 - 8mb - "Unlimited d/l and u/l".

I remember querying their Fair Usage Policy at the time and was told [now confirmed on the website]that if,in their opinion,a customer is a heavy user then the only restriction they impose is a reduction in speed at peak times to allow fairness across the network.

Having three laptops on a wireless network with two sons and a daughter manning them seemingly constantly has brought no problems over the three years I've been with BT.

  ajm 19:16 24 Feb 2008

I also have virgin media TV/TEL/BB package at £27.95 a month. One day I got a bill for over £65.00 and I queried it. The answer they gave me was that their "broadband dept" is a different enitiy and that they the TV/TEL package is charged seeparately at £9.95 and that the BB is charged at £18 per month. After checking the past few months bills, it was seen that they were taking only £9.95 for the TV/TEL package but not the £18.00 for the broadband and they decided to take it all in one go the balance for the broadband.

I queried that I signed up for the package costing £27.95 and expected only this amount to be taken out - no more and no less.

I have yet to hear from them

  GaT7 19:31 24 Feb 2008

B33J, you have to take some responsibility here instead of saying this, that & the other is unfair.

That they charged you £50 is quite another thing & very, very unfair. As someone else mentioned, you have every right to query it & get it revoked or at least reduced.

"I have just discovered that Virgin has an 'Acceptable Use Policy'..." - that's not their fault, is it? What were you doing since you joined?

"They claim an unlimited service even though it is not." - lot of others do too, but everything's in the T&C, which you should've read.

"There is no mention anywhere on their website to tell me what the limit is." - to be fair I couldn't find it either, but they've had 'traffic shaping' (or whatever it's called) for ages now click here - well similar to what MaxUpload mentioned in the post above about BT.

"There is a seperate rule for non-cabled areas and those of us who live in non-cabled areas just have to live with this policy." - Not true, as you have something called choice, which is in your control.

Sorry if I sound a bit harsh, but I cannot stand people not taking responsibility. I hope you get your inflated bill problem resolved, & can find an affordable alternative that'll allow you unlimited downloads. All the best :-) G

  Stuartli 12:07 25 Feb 2008

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