any ideas how to get a pc with a agp slot

  penbee 22:55 14 Jan 2008

i have a grant for £350 need to get a tower with a agp slot a resonable monitor cheap as anything mouse and keyboard and the best i can get on hard drive, processor, ram and a dvd +-rw drive tired a few places for customs but the agp on the motherboard seems hard to find I no they are being fazed out but that is what i want as i have a nivida geforce 7300 gt to put in

  Acx 23:59 14 Jan 2008

You could try a Warehouse Suplus outlet like

click here

Phone them and see what they can do (they have an advert on page 149 of the latest PCA).

I have never used them, but they look ok and seem to have stores you can go in to if there is a problem.

The only other choice I can see is ebay/secondhand.

  Crash 00:00 15 Jan 2008

See here click here or here click here or here click here

  Crash 00:12 15 Jan 2008

Just read the post again and saw you were looking a whole system have a look here click here

  penbee 00:15 15 Jan 2008

trouble is i have to have a vat reciept will i get tah from ebay. its one of the terms of the grant along with i have to get a whole tower not the bits

  Crash 00:17 15 Jan 2008

Will it is through evesham technology who recently went into administration so you could always ask them through ask the seller if they could provide you with a vat receipt

  penbee 00:19 15 Jan 2008

ok thanks i will ask my mum to try that when i get home lol i cant ask sellers because i cant have an ebay account but she has one thank you for trying to help. can you think of any old but recent standard towers i could try searching for that have agp

  Crash 00:23 15 Jan 2008

Not really because everyone is looking pc's with pci express slots so that is what the manufacturers are giving them. The only other thing would be to build one yourself if you are comfortable with that. If you see a cheap system look for the model number of the motherboard it uses and then search the motherboard manufacturers website to see if it has an agp slot

  penbee 00:30 15 Jan 2008

thanks would try but the terms of the grant mean i am not aloud to which is silly cos its for my leisure time you would think they would not mind if i wanted to spend my leisure time but it has to be built can dont no if you will be able to look at it but it you can what do you think

click here

thank you for your time its a bit more than the grant but not so much i wouldnt be able to try and find it

  penbee 00:31 15 Jan 2008

oh and would the on board graphics be a problem when we put the card in or is it simple to disable them

  Acx 01:22 15 Jan 2008

Still think you should phone someone like Morgan computers - they will provide a vat reciept.

To be honest I wouldnt worry about the agp card slot, as you can buy a pci card (at a later date if you wish) for click here

Not the best card but still a better option than an AGP card.

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