Any extra payments to get Broadband line fixed?

  keewaa 21:22 04 Apr 2006

Tiscali have confirmed there is a line fault as the broadband signal cannot be picked up by the modem (on main BT mastersocket) . They have contacted BT to arrange for BT to fix this problem.

Since Tiscali still say that Broadband is available for the house.

Am I correct in assuming that BT/Tiscali should do this without charge, and should supply a proper signal to the house without any extra charge?


  SG Atlantis® 21:24 04 Apr 2006

I don't understand the question. You pay line rental to BT, they have to fix line faults at no cost to you.

Tiscali will charge for BB as normal.

  keewaa 21:32 04 Apr 2006

Ah, the penny drops. I'd forgotten about the 'renting bit' ! of course. Thanks.

  spuds 21:51 04 Apr 2006

The only problem that may occur, is if the fault is after the master socket on any cabling or sockets that you have provided.BT will make a charge for this. If all the sockets and cabling were provided by BT as per their rental service agreement, then there should be no charge.

  keewaa 13:41 05 Apr 2006

The mastersocket and the 2 other extensions (3 in total) were put in by BT orginally. Should all 3 socket then receive a working broadband signal ? ie If they have to re-wire inside the house, will this be done for free or can they charge for this. I know if it was a DIY extension they would, but if put in by BT what do you think ?

  spuds 13:56 05 Apr 2006

If BT installed the system, and are making a rental/service charge, then there should be no charge for any work that they do, unless of course, you have intentionally damaged the system.You should receive broadband on all sockets, but remember that a filter, which may have been supplied by you or the ISP may have a fault, and it is worth considering this, as this could validate a claim against you. If the fault is with their system and they try to charge, then make a complaint.

  Nickmax59 22:54 05 Apr 2006

I had a similar problem when i moved house.I had no signal and tried four different filters.
My ISP said that there was nothing wrong with their broadband. After approx two hours in total of talking to a numpty in a foreign land they eventually agreed to get BT to look at the line.
My phone worked but there was no ADSL. The engineer did something to a box on the BT side of the master socket and hey presto ADSL.
The only down side is that BT tried to charge me £150 for this.(has since been sorted). If you cannot see ADSL activity on your modem then it is probably BT/Tiscalli fault.

  keewaa 09:38 06 Apr 2006

Just in case they try to charge, I would argue that it is a rented line with all extension installed by BT, therefore it is their responsibility to make sure the line I rent is working properly for broadband and their responsibility to fix it that a working adsl signal is supplied to all extensions.

Is there anything else I should mention, or anyone I should contact (only if they try to charge)

  spuds 09:48 06 Apr 2006

Personally, I wouldn't mention anything at present. You have stated that Tiscali says 'there is a line fault', and they have made arrangements for BT to deal with the problem.Leave it at that for the time being.

Have BT or Tiscali informed you yet, of an appointment date of engineers attendance!.

If there is a mention of a charge at a later stage, then take up any complaint from there.

  keewaa 09:58 06 Apr 2006

OK, early stages yet as it only happened on Tuesday and I'll leave it up to Tiscali/BT for the meantime. Just want to know my rights in case they do mention a charge in the future.

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