any advice on ebay usage?

  dfghjkl 22:26 09 Dec 2004

i have finaly got bitten by the bug and bought a couple of items and have several bits for sale,any help or advice please?i have read all the ebay print but any consumer advice?
thank you,peter.

  Forum Editor 23:10 09 Dec 2004

is not to let common sense desert you. Online auctions can be fun and there are some real bargains to be had but there are dangers. Don't send goods to people until you are certain that your purchaser has paid, and don't bid for items unless you are sure that you know what is for sale. That might seem like pretty elementary advice, but you would be surprised at how many people are taken in by the most transparent cons when it comes to online auctions.

Good old-fashioned greed has a lot to do with it.

  [email protected] 10:36 10 Dec 2004

Use any of the reccomended paypal nocheck natwest methods of paying/receiving & do use your credit card with these safe & secure payment methods. They also offer you instant access to your account where you can see if you have received online payment into your account before you send any items you have put up for sale. you should also know how much you want for the item & set a reserve but sometimes you may have to put the item up again if no bidder has reached your reserve find out how much it will cost you to post the item to UK the rest of the world has to be negotiable or simply refuse to send to the rest of the world in your description of the item
Have fun & be honest Ebay & Qxl will bar you if they eventually find a fraudulent complaint is true Most of the people on the auctions are honest but a percentage do take time to be weeded out

  [email protected] 10:45 10 Dec 2004

A lot of traders are selling via ebay talk to them they usually are helpful with advice especially the more established people who normally have online shops within ebay Or Qxl
I have had only two non compliant sellers who after six months or so were banned from selling on ebay/Qxl after many years of buying @ auction NB the sellers ratings which you should aim to be as good as

  PUNKA 12:29 10 Dec 2004

On the particular item you are interested in there is a feedback history section, read this carefully. I was recently ripped off by someone who charged me £8.50 for recorded delivery and sent it through the normal post at a £1.50 cost. I immedeately contacted e-bay who told me to contact the seller first,this I did he did not reply and so I gave him negative feedback. (apparently he has done the same to others) hopefully this will result in him losing sales and money, or he will mend his ways however,somehow I do not think it will but as long as people are aware of it then it might prevent others from falling foul of his malpractice .lol.

  TomJerry 13:05 10 Dec 2004

do not buy anything, prices are not good

sell all stuff you do not need anymore, someone may pay more than you original paid

  spuds 13:24 10 Dec 2004

Regarding punka's postage remark. Remember that the normal cost of postage or carriage charges maybe more as other items have to be taken into account, like packaging and labour additional expenses.

Also remember that anything that may appear to have a suspect nature, may result in ebay or other people notifying the appropriate authorities. If you play by the rules and are fair in your activities, then everything should work out fine.Make sure that you do your groundwork though. Money can be made as well as lost, only experience will tell.

  BITS&BOBS 13:28 10 Dec 2004

Check the persons feedback and ask all questions first, pay with paypal and simply use your loaf.

  GaT7 22:37 10 Dec 2004

Also, when BUYING (you probably know these already):

- ALWAYS know/decide beforehand how much you will spend (& can afford) & resist the temptation to go beyond (probably true for ALL auctions!).

- If you lose an auction today by a few £/p you can always get it tomorrow - bide your time as much as you can, unless it's an emergency (& unless you cannot be bothered & HAVE to win every one!)

- Do some research. At times I come across auctions that have gone beyond their retail price - sometimes WAY beyond!! That's only brill when you're the SELLER!

- Try to pay by the means that will offer the best safety/protection. For example, don't use direct wire transfers.

When SELLING: Take kellysbouncas' advice about getting help from other experienced sellers. Use the Ebay Community click here. Community Help boards click here, 'New to Selling' Help Board click here, Buyers/Sellers Payment & Postage tips click here to name a few.

I've bought many items of off Ebay & most of it has been good-quality stuff at bargain prices. In the beginning (mainly) I did buy some things that turned out to be worse than expected (rubbish really), but I only had myself to blame - got what I paid for. But I learnt from my mistakes &, fortunately, only wasted a pittance. On the whole it has been a positive experience & the few problems experienced were mutually sorted, usually to my, the buyer's, advantage : ) G

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