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  acfc 17:24 20 Mar 2006

I recently posted this click here about whether it was worth paying against using Avast or AVG and the general consensus was either would do a good job as long as I use a bit of common sense.

Now by co-incidence I read this months mag and the review of AV software makes poor reading for those of us who rely on the above products so in light of this I'd like to re-open the discusion.

In case you havn't read the mag then AVG was bottom of the table and Avast was 8th from 10!

Personaly I'm now considering paying for NOD even though I am generally careful!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:49 20 Mar 2006

I've used free AVG for over 3 years and I run a mailout list of over 80 users. No one has had a virus through. make of this what you will.


  Forum Editor 17:55 20 Mar 2006

and I'm moving your thread there now.

  skidzy 17:58 20 Mar 2006

I 2nd GANDALF <|:-)>

Been using AVG Free for around 2 years now,no problems what so ever.
Prior to AVG,i used Norton and was forever having problems....Make your own mind up,but i think ive explained pretty well.

In fairness to the Norton,i was in those days surfing the net using P2P file sharing and was picking up plenty of trogans/viruses....never again.

  IClaudio 18:20 20 Mar 2006

has worked very well for me for many years. I haven't read the report yet, but will do now. Like Skidzy, I found Norton to be a complete pain (although I don't use P2P).

  ade.h 18:30 20 Mar 2006

I have been using NOD32 on both my business PCs for some six or seven months now. In that time EVERY virus has been caught, quarantined and deleted. AVG never managed a 100% success rate, nor did Norton, nor even did F-Secure, though that was comfortably second best. Avast; I ran that for all of two weeks, so it hardly got pushed and it would be impossible to form an opinion from that brief time.

  g0nvs 18:59 20 Mar 2006

Used AVG as long as I can remember, never had a problem.

  acfc 19:01 20 Mar 2006

I used Norton a number of years ago and wouldn't go back to it (expensive and slowed my machine).

In the time I have used AVG and Avast (on different PCs) Avast has intercepted a few viruses while I have been surfing on the net. AVG has detected nothing but then as i said i am careful and both PCs are virus free.

At £17.50 a year the reputation of NOD32 is tempting, after all I'd hate to be using the helpdesk because I have become a victim.

We all to assess the risks and make up our own minds however healthy discussions here can help inform those in need

  ade.h 19:08 20 Mar 2006

You may also want to consider system overheads. NOD32 has the smallest system footprint of any fully-featured AV despite the strong heuristics; Norton is notoriously heavy; F-Secure is actually quite heavy; AVG is okay and runs happily on older PCs.

  acfc 20:47 20 Mar 2006

With my 2200+ processor and 512Mb Ram I really couldn't use my PC when AVG is carring out a full scan although normally I don't notice it's there so it's no real issue.

I wonder why NOD32 was not included in the test of 10 programs? I only know of it from visiting this site.

  ade.h 20:59 20 Mar 2006

Group tests tend to be based on submissions (and not just in the PC industry) so if it wasn't submitted, it usually won't be reviewed, except in certain circumstances.

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