Anti Virus Software - Recommendations Please!

  dsritchie 23:40 11 Feb 2004

Does anybody know what the best anti virus software that is available at the moment? I have not been very impressed with Norton/Symantec.

  Indigo 1 00:49 12 Feb 2004

you wil get a deluge of recommendations for AVG available from click here

By far the cheapest (it's free) but don't let that put you off, it's also one of the most successful at keeping the bugs out.

Never had a problem since installing it nearly 2 years ago.

I too tried all the others like McCaffee, Norton, symantec, etc six in total, before settling with the reliable and easy to use AVG.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:15 12 Feb 2004

They are all the same in site of all sorts of talk. It is not really worth losing sleep over. I use the free AVG and have an update notification email list of 50 people for it. All are into this what you will.


  Sir Radfordin 08:50 12 Feb 2004

Sophos, AVG and Norton are all ones that I would use. McCaffee wouldn't be considered after a teacher told me they had paid £1300 for it for the school and it had messed up nearly every computer they tried to install it on.

  Stuartli 09:10 12 Feb 2004

I used to use Norton until Pipex stopped providing it free of charge and my free updates subscription expired.

My son, an IT support specialist, recommended AVG (click here) as others have mentioned above and, touch wood, it's done its work quietly in the background.

Updates are also quick to download and install automatically.

  Taran 09:33 12 Feb 2004

AVG is fine and loads of people use it.

My own preference is NOD32 - it has the best detection rates in independent testing, but AVG, being free, has a distinct cost advantage.

The most important thing is to keep your antivirus software up to date, no matter which program you use, and don't do anything silly with your online habits.

Opening emails from people you don't know, especially is they have an attachment, is one of the biggest culprits for virus infections.

Peer to peer file sharers often get hit by virus files embedded or incorporated into the downloads they are getting. I think of this as poetic justice but that's an entirely diferent subject !

Your best protection is common sense.

Scan all floppy disks or CDs before opening their contents and don't open emails from unknown sources or use file sharing software unless you are prepared to accept that doing so will, sooner or later, result in problems.

  gunner66 12:12 12 Feb 2004


I have used Norton and McAfee for over 5 years and had no problems. These are my recommendations. Hope it helps


  Stuartli 13:35 12 Feb 2004

Your comments re opening e-mails are the very reason why no one should have the Preview Pane enabled - this is a key factor in allowing a virus to start doing its dirty work.

With the PP disabled, you can right click once on an e-mail to highlight it and then inspect it via Properties>Message Source.

If it is suspect, keep Cancelling and then delete the e-mail using the Delete button on the Tool Bar whilst it is still highlighted.

  dsritchie 13:45 12 Feb 2004

Thanks guys, I will give AVG a go since it seems to be highly recommended. Norton to me doesnt seem to deal very well with serious viruses. Thanks again!

  Sparrowhawk 14:52 12 Feb 2004

I tried it and my PC is apparently virus-free.

click here

FREE if you sign for OPISTAT (access to your PC and measures your internet habits)

click here

As I have a standard modem and a firewall, does not bother me too much.

  Belatucadrus 17:31 12 Feb 2004

The other good free for home use package is avast! 4 click here . I've used it and AVG and prefer this, but they're both good.

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