Anti-Spyware/Fake Antispyware : Who do you believe

  Actor One 17:10 09 Jul 2008

This is about spyware & adware detector programmes and who do you trust.

I have a very suspicious mind and have a belt/braces/string & elastic band attitude to spyware. I have -

Systemsuite 8 by Avanquest, which includes antivirus & anti-spam.
Spybot Search & Destroy V.1.5.2.
AdAware 2007 Free by Lavasoft
Ghostsurf 2007 Platinum which has Spycatcher, by Tenebril Inc.
Spyware Terminator
& Spyware Detector.

..paranoid, you bet I`m paranoid... the problem is who do you trust of the above? -

Spyware Detector in some people`s minds is well known as Ransomware.I even had the expiry date change on me suddenly (it lost 120 days!!, but I got them back).., but it was the ONLY programme of the above which found keylogger from, a particularly insidious piece of kit that is supposedly undetectable by Any Known anti-virus software on the market today (check out the website that sells it -!!)

However, it is also telling me that Tenebril`s Spycatcher, that come bundled with Ghostsurf 2007, is Fake Anti-Spyware, and is hideously heinous, & yes you guessed, Spybot-Search & Destroy is saying the same thing about Spyware Detector, being Ransomware, finding things that aren`t a threat and asking you to pay to remove them....So who do you trust?

By the way, Systemsuite 8, Spyware Terminator & Spybot, didn`t find keylogger.
...and only two of them found E-Worm.Zhelatin.vy, and yes that was Spyware Detector (supposedly ransomware) and good old AdAware 2007....!

Confused & worried???....we all should be.

  GaT7 17:17 09 Jul 2008

Comprehensive list of legit/rogue anti-spyware at click here. G

  Actor One 17:21 09 Jul 2008

Very good list!.

..but is it all true...or false?


  GaT7 17:30 09 Jul 2008

Don't quite understand the question. It's the best 'as true as you can get' list out there.

I only use Ad-Aware (free 2008 version) & the free SpywareBlaster click here & have been fine for years. G

  Actor One 17:38 09 Jul 2008

...also the site is over a year out of date & Spyware Detector...(friend or foe) isn`t listed.

  Actor One 17:25 11 Jul 2008

This is a better site for checking rogue Anti-Spyware.

click here

  ronalddonald 18:26 12 Jul 2008

i think actor one is saying are the some of the anti spyware prorams fake ro real and how do you know its a fake.

Good question i dont but im not a clown fish like marlin in finding nemo.

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