And another unhappy Mesh Customer

  WillCalderwood 12:50 15 Oct 2010

I see many people here winging about Mesh customer services, so I decided to say my bit too.

I bought a Mesh PC many many years ago, service was great, support was great. Recently becoming self employed I went back to Mesh after my previous good experience with them, and I'd just ordered my 3rd PC in the space of 10 months when I started running into problems.

Firstly, the PSU fan on the newest machine I had started making a hell of a racket. I've tried contacting support about this numerous times via email. With the first email sent on 23rd September, I still have yet to receive a response.

Then the first PC I bought stopped booting up. Being technically minded I fairly quickly tracked down the problem to a faulty stick of RAM and removed it so I could continue using the machine. Having already discovered they don't respond to emails, so I resorted to the phone.

I explained the problem to a support technician who spoke in broken English on a poor quality phone line, and they said they'd send a RMA label and I could return the RAM. I received this with a letter saying I'd be charged £20 + VAT to return the RAM to them, I called them to query this and was told this was correct, and if I wanted to dispute it I should email Davey, who I see is a regular Mesh defender on these forums. I received the following response

"Dear Mr Calderwood,

Given that you have not reported operational difficulties with your system since the date of purchase we could safely, and logically, assume that the component was not faulty at the time of purchase, and in fact did not fail until more recently when you first began to experience the problem you have reported.

As per the terms of the warranty, you are responsible for the return of any part of the goods for repair after the first three months. Please note at this point these are the terms that you agreed to at the point of sale. We can arrange carriage if you require it however this would be the service you have already been advised the cost of.

If you require the RAM replaced, you will need to return it to us with the returns label supplied. You are not responsible for the cost of replacement as you point out however this does not cover any return costs for which you are responsible."

The first paragraph not being far short of rude and obnoxious, Davey doesn't seem to understand that faults don't always show themselves straight away. He also didn't seem to understand that I wasn't returning the RAM under warranty, but under the sales of goods act, and that says that I should not incur any costs for returning a product that has a manufacturing fault. They get their RAM from Crucial who give a lifetime warranty, 10 month old RAM doesn't just break, there must have been something wrong with it.

On top of which, their T&C are in breach of the distance selling regulations, which state that any fault that occurs within the first 6 months is assumed to be a manufacturing fault and they must cover the costs, their 3 month offering isn't legal.

On recipt of that email I've tried to cancel my order for my 3rd machine, I've sent 2 emails, 2 days in a row asking for the order to be cancelled, but they seem to have stopped responding to my emails again, oh joy. May the battle continue.

I've since contacted Chillblast, and have so far been impressed with their sales team, (although I've always like the Mesh sales team too, they're quick and efficient), so hopefully that'll go more smoothly.

From now on I'll make a point of Googling "[company name] customer service" whenever I buy anything online, I think the number of results you receive says a lot about the company.

  birdface 13:30 15 Oct 2010

Very hard to find many reviews for Chillblast but found this one from PCA.
click here

Most of them look fairly positive.

  spuds 13:52 15 Oct 2010

Have you taken this matter up with Trading Standards or Consumer Direct?.

If I may, can I ask another question. When you ordered the recent computers, what operating system did you purchase, and were you provided with the licence keys?.

  WillCalderwood 14:01 15 Oct 2010

I've not taken this matter up with anyone else yet. My PSU fan problem in intermittent now, so I'm in no huge hurry to sort that. I can get a new stick of RAM direct from Crucial from £26.99, or I might try and claim under the Crucial warranty using my Mesh invoice and proof of purchase, that'll save me having to suffer Mesh customer services any more than I have to.

I ordered Windows 7 with all 3 machines, the 2 that have arrived have the license key on a sticker on the machine case.

  Forum Editor 18:45 15 Oct 2010

to a couple of problems:-

1. A faulty RAM module.

2. A noisy fan

each of which is on a different machine. You've indicated that the fan problem is intermittent, and that you're in no hurry to sort it out.

Can you tell us how long it was between buying the computer with the suspected RAM problem, and the date that you reported it to Mesh?

It should be pointed out that you have diagnosed the RAM problem, and although you may well be right, the supplier must be given the chance to examine it. You'll pay the carriage charge, until/unless the RAM is confirmed as faulty, in which case you should have your costs refunded.

  WillCalderwood 18:48 15 Oct 2010

"You'll pay the carriage charge, until/unless the RAM is confirmed as faulty, in which case you should have your costs refunded."

They said they wouldn't refund the cost of the carriage, even if the RAM was faulty, otherwise I wouldn't have a problem with this process.

  Forum Editor 19:10 15 Oct 2010

how long it was between the date of purchase and the date that you reported it to Mesh?

  WillCalderwood 19:13 15 Oct 2010

10 months for the RAM. Well within the expected lifespan I'd say. I've only ever seen 1 other faulty stick of RAM in 14 years as a computer professional.

  WillCalderwood 18:05 18 Oct 2010

Well I've emailed consumer direct for some advice.

Despite 3 emails and speaking to someone on their live chat, I've still not managed to get the order cancelled.

They're always so quick to respond when you're buying something!

  WillCalderwood 09:52 19 Oct 2010

Well I got an email from Davey saying he couldn't cancel the order, only 5 days after I sent it, pretty good for Mesh! I need to contact the sales team, fortunately I already have... wonder how long it'll take them to reply.

I'll keep sending an email a day until I get a response.

  KremmenUK 10:36 19 Oct 2010

5 days after you sent it............

click here

Think I see 7 days mentioned!

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