And another unhappy MESH customer

  L4BR4T 21:44 25 Aug 2006

My Tale of woe begins with me ordering a Mesh X Treme AM2 7950 (SO) online on the 10 July 2006.

I’m a returning customer to Mesh (my first Mesh pc still going strong after 4 years) and have always recommended them as a possible PC supplier to friends and family, so naturally I was expecting no problems with my new order.

A week later I received the Mesh invoice and note that my money (£1500+) has been withdrawn from my account, so i look on the website to check the delivery date. I book time off work to receive the delivery, but the pc never arrived.

On calling Sales, I found out the pc had not actually left Mesh, but was in fact still incomplete, awaiting a amd 5000+ processor, which apparently are in short supply, and would be another week before they could ship my pc.

I accepted that information, these things happen, etc, etc, and waited for the pc. Nearing the time when the pc was possibly ready i phoned Mesh to see if it was ready, it was not, still supply problems with the processor, another possible 1-2 weeks.
By this time my patience was wearing thin, i do not like a company who takes your money, and effectively gains interest that is mine, so in the heat of the moment i cancel the order and ask for a full refund, which i was told would be the case.

I leave it 4 days, (1 day for processing, 3 days for the bacs payment refund to be credited into my bank), whilst looking for a replacement pc supplier. My money was still not refunded, and on calling Mesh accounts, I was told that it would be another 1-2 weeks before my refund would be processed.

This is totally unacceptable service, and also put me in the situation of not being able to order with another supplier, as I do not have another £1500.00 lying around just in case of this situation.

I decided to reinstate the order with Mesh, as I didn’t want to wait 2 weeks for my refund, then have to wait a possible 2 weeks for a new supplier to deliver a pc. i guessed Mesh would come up with a solution within 4 weeks so i gave them a second chance, and would wait out the delay on processors with them, a possible 2 weeks.

On the 21st of August I receive an email from mesh to say that they were still unable to supply the 5000+ AMD, but could supply the 4600+ variant for a refund of £50.00 on my order. I thought this over and now being desperate for a PC I telephoned Mesh on the 22nd to accept this offer, only to be told that my PC was in fact ready to ship (including the 5000+ processor) and I would receive the pc on the 23rd.
Happy at the news that my pc would finally be delivered, I book the day off to receive the PC, but it never arrived. I phone Mesh to find out that it hadn’t left them, but would be delivered on the 24th, so my partner books that day off work to receive the pc. It never arrived.
I phone mesh to find it will be delivered on the 25th, but they would upgrade this to a sat delivery, so i had it for the weekend. Today (25th) I received a message that I will not receive the pc, as they still have processor issues, and that i have again been misinformed.
I really don’t know how to proceed with Mesh, I want to speak to someone who actually knows what is going on there, someone from management( have asked to speak the Sales director), but I fear this will probably end up in court.
Any goodwill I had with Mesh is well and truly shattered.

  spuds 22:46 25 Aug 2006

To contact 'someone from management' try [email protected] I believe he is possibly away over this weekend, but send an email anyone. Davey or Nick usually responds fairly quick to customers problems via this forum.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:31 26 Aug 2006

I have always stuck up for suppliers in the past including Mesh but this series of events, assuming that they are correct, are beyond belief. There appears to be a serious problem in some parts of customer relations and if I were mesh I would be recruiting a well-paid customer services manager that could actually sort out this department. I would also have a look at the buying department especially in the areas of projected demand supply.


  Forum Editor 11:08 26 Aug 2006

I'm inclined to agree, let's hope that Mesh can quickly bring the matter to a conclusion. It's a bank-holiday weekend, so I don't think we can expect a response for a few days.

  oresome 19:58 26 Aug 2006

There's nothing you can add to this post that hasn't been said before.

Davey and Nick are mere sticking plaster.

The company needs a fundemental overhaul.

  Captain Rommy 14:19 27 Aug 2006

I am sorry to here about your problems.

I was concerned that I was going down the same road with them but....

Ordered a core duo 6600 base on 31 July. Given a ETA of 22 Aug. Phoned them on 23 Aug to see what was happeing as I knew there had been a delay on processor delivery. Was told that processors had not arrived yet and they could not give me a new ETA. I accepted this and said I would call agin in a weeks time.

Then out of the blue, courier arrived on 25 Aug with my PC. Fortunately I was at home. The packing slip had a dispacth date of 23 Aug. So this leads me to think the sales guys did not really check to see what was happening. So might be worth bearing with them as you might suddenly receive your system out of the blue.

  oresome 15:59 27 Aug 2006

Captain Rommy's tale tends to confirm that the company is 'out of control' as far as quality procedures are concerned.

  akzah 16:50 27 Aug 2006

does not sound too good at all.

I just ordered by Mesh pc on the Wednesday 23rd over the phone, got the confirmation email that day and on Friday got the confirmation and billing letter in the post.

Orginally the lead time for my spec was more than 2 weeks though after speaking to the sales they found a time for 3rd Sep which is good.

I am keeping my fingers crossed that they will keep to it and will ring them next week for any status updates.

  johndere 17:29 27 Aug 2006

It has happened to a lot of others as well before this post. But L4BR4T if you bought it on a credit card you have that as protection. Contact your bank about it exlain to them in detail about what has gone on.

Sadly you will get the runaround from mesh over this. But as you have posted here we all get to hear about it. FE can you help L4BR4T over this matter at all, you may have more sway over this than we do?

And yes mesh do need to sought their customer service out & quickly!!

  Forum Editor 17:51 27 Aug 2006

Perhaps you missed my earlier post - the one that said:

"It's a bank-holiday weekend, so I don't think we can expect a response for a few days".

As for "Sadly you will get the runaround from mesh over this" How do you know that - are you blessed with some kind of special insight that enables you to make such an assertive comment?

If I think L4BR4T needs my help I'll provide it, but at the moment I don't take that view - I believe the matter will be resolved between L4BR4T and Mesh..........but not until after the bank holiday.

  johndere 18:05 27 Aug 2006

FE i did read your post and thought a man of you knowledge within the industry would be able to help, i presumed you would realise i meant after the bank holiday, i was wrong to assume you would realise that.

Sadly we did get the runaround from mesh for 4 months, in this time we got accussed by mesh of damaging our own pc! After the 4 th on site visit the pc now works fine & we have had not had a major problems for over 1 year.

The fact that these problems keep appearing time after time must show theirs a problem. And yes it would be nice to see my reply not taken off by you.

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